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Jolicloud: The nextgen OS for netbooks

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Joli CloudJolicloud is a Linux-based operating system that is currently in development and Pre-Final testing. The project was founded in 2008 by Tariq Krim who is based in Paris, France. Jolicloud is built upon Debian and Ubuntu 9.10, but is tweaked to be more suitable for computers that have weaker specifications in terms of disk storage, memory and screen size, like netbook computers. Jolicloud relies heavily on Chromium-based packages for running web-based applications. For Windows-only products it uses Wine.

Switching OS has never been so easy. In less than 15 minutes you will enjoy Jolicloud alongside your old Windows and all your data will be perfectly safe. Jolicloud brings all the benefits of cloud computing today, making your netbook the natural extension of all your other computers and mobile devices. It has been designed to make sure you can connect and collaborate efficiently, and easily share with your Facebook friends and other Joliclouders. With Jolicloud, you are connected anytime, anywhere.
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The very useful feature which I found while using this OS is it is pretty simple to connect to 3g network. Many people now a days are using wireless internet like Reliance netconnect or Tata photon. In other OS like ubuntu or suse, it is very difficult to configure such wireless modems. It takes considerable amount of time. But in Jolicloud it is pretty simple. The modem software is preinstalled. So when you plugin the modem to a usb that’s it you are ready to go online.

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It is meant to boot quickly, and be very easy to install. Jolicloud supports all the major netbooks from suppliers such as Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, MSI and Samsung. Jolicloud claims that its Jolicloud OS supports 98% of netbooks with out-of-the-box compatibility by now.

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Features :

  • Its an Open Source Operating System. So you can download it for free.
  • Jolicloud Express : Installing Jolicloud on a Windows netbook has never been so easy. Just launch the installer and be guided through the set up process.
  • The Launcher : Access all your apps in one click. All apps will have a full screen preset. You can navigate easily between apps using the Alt-Tab shortcut.
  • The Social Stream : Jolicloud is the first OS to provide an activity stream that lets you visualize in a snap the beat pulse of all your friends and web applications.
  • Compatibility of the Jolicloud and Technical Specifications.

This video will explain you clearly about Jolicloud Operating System.

View more about this Linux Based Operating at official site.

16 Comments to Jolicloud: The nextgen OS for netbooks

    • Siddartha

      @Venu yup bro! But its the review of the OS done by some experts, and they have explained clearly about it. So used it for more apt information 🙂

    • Siddartha

      @MOhan yup bro, this is really an interesting OS. I loved the way they have designed it 🙂

  1. In Ubuntu I used to do so many things to connect Reliance Netconnect.
    Want to check this with Jolicloud…D

  2. Hello Venu,

    I bought new Samsung N210 today and I am unable to use Reliance Netconnect ZTE AC2627. Plz help me..

  3. Hi Dakshin, What OS are you using. I installed Jolicloud with windows7. I am also using Reliance netconnect. It is working fine. Please tell me what is the issue your are facing. You can mail me or come to chat in gtalk.

  4. Hi Venu,

    My netbook is installed with Jolicloud and no windows. I have added new connection under mobile broadband option and when I tr to connect it keeps trying only, but it doesn’t connect.


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