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Is Jailbreaking Illegal or Legal?

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One of my readers, the other day asked me “Is Jailbreaking Illegal or Legal?”

Until Mid-2010, Apple fought a legal battle with EFF(Electronic Frontier Foundation) to make the Jailbreaking an Illegal act, but fortunately EFF won the battle over Apple and made sure to legalize the Jailbreaking as it doesn’t violate any DMCA policies(1201). Until Jan 2012, I’m sure that Jailbreaking is legal, but I’ve read somewhere that Jailbreaking could be considered as illegal act soon. Before going through in-depth analysis, let us check our few basic things first.

What is Jailbreaking and Why is Jailbreaking Illegal?

Generally, your SmartPhones or Tablet PCs or other gaming consoles will be able to run only the applications that are officially approved by the manufacturer. You will not be able to enjoy the complete potential of these devices, so in order to get maximum performance from their devices, we need to break the barriers fixed by the manufacturer which enables us to run independent softwares as well. This activity of breaking the barriers of your device and providing it the freedom to prove its performance is known as Jailbreaking. Users buy a device to enjoy maximum effect, and they obviously hate the barriers, so that is the simple concept of Jailbreaking. But still companies like Apple are fighting to make Jailbreaking illegal again, which raised the doubt that is Jailbreaking illegal again.

is jailbreaking illegal

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Disadvantages of Jailbreaking

  • Apple claimed that the Jailbreaking will involve in few unauthorized changes to the copyrighted bootloader, allowing unofficial and unauthorized applications which might lead to virus and malware attacks as well as security threats.
  • Yet another problem with Jailbreaking is you’ll lose your Warranty, even though Jailbreaking is announced as legal act.
  • It encourages piracy at some stage, as Apple loses control over device.
  • You aren’t eligible for any technical support.

The Official EFF page will give you complete information about Jailbreaking Legalization. But, recently one of the famous Jailbreaking source Hackulous was closed its doors and the experts in the market were stunned with their decision and concluded it might be because of compatibility issues or increase in competition in the market, but not because of fear of directing jailbreaking back to illegal aspect. Most of the people are still confused about the fact that is Jailbreaking a legal or illegal aspect, but again according to EFF, you got right to do anything to your device once you’ve get your hands on it and other simple logic is that the Apple doesn’t provide warranty service for the devices that were jailbroken. Considering these factors, its bit clear that Jailbreaking is Legal.

Apple and other Organizations have teamed-up in order to turn the legalized issue back to illegal issue by showing few copyrighted factors which were being manipulated while Jailbreaking the devices. It war is still on, but to answer the question of “Is Jailbreaking illegal or Legal”, I’d be happy to say that Jailbreaking is still legal.

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6 Comments to Is Jailbreaking Illegal or Legal?

  1. Wow, I always thought that it was an illegal process, the name “jail break” itself gives it an illegal feeling. Thanks for the information and additional links.

  2. Brickhouse smith

    I do not have any idea for the Jailbreaking may be legal or illegal. Thanks a lot for information!

  3. If they make jailbreaking illegal again, people won’t stop. I think people should have the right to jailbreak because its private property. I was doing some stuff in civics and I’m pretty sure it can’t be deemed illegal because an idevice is your own private property. That’s just my opinion though.

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