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Apple iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2 from Samsung [Comparison]

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iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2
Hey folks! today, we are going to compare 2 mighty devices in the mobile industry Apple iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2 from Samsung. Of course, I don’t own any of these devices with me, but somehow I’ve managed to get my hands on these devices, and if you are wondering to choose the best device between Apple iPhone 4s and Galaxy S2 from Samsung, I believe that my research work would help you a bit in making your decision. Apple and Samsung have been no bones about the fact that they are looking for an opportunity to pull down each other in order to lead the Industry. Apple is also playing some legal fight with Samsung and other Android based devices.

This is good news for customers as both the companies plan to compete with each other in every possible aspect in a healthy manner, and are trying to come out with best possible devices with exciting features in order to satisfy the requirements of the users. I don’t want to delay anymore and let us jump into comparison between Apple iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2 from Samsung right away.

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The comparison between iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2 has been done by considering certain important aspects and at the end of comparison, we shall see which of the two devices did a better job. So, let us check out the aspect that we are going to discuss in brief.

iphone 4s vs galaxy s2

Comparison – iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2

  • Design and Display
  • Processor
  • Operating System
  • Camera
  • Memory and Battery
  • Connectivity and Price

So, if you are planning to buy one among Apple iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S2, just check out our comparison that might help you in making a wise decision. Read the comparison carefully in order to buy the Device that suits your requirement.

iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2 [Comparison]

apple iphone vs galaxy s2 from samsung

#1. Design and Display 

The external appearance is one of the main factors that drives people to purchase a handset. Both the Apple iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S2 have a very attractive external appearance. The Apple iPhone 4S has the same appearance as the Apple iPhone 4 and thus there is no surprise element involved.

Apple iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 does look like a member of the Galaxy family but when it was launched, it did created quite a stir and I feel that Galaxy S2 did outdo the iPhone 4S in Design.

#2. Processor

The iPhone 4S is equipped with a 1 GHz Cortex-A9 dual core Apple A5 processor while the Samsung Galaxy S2 is powered by the 1.2 Ghz Cortex A9 dual core processor and the Galaxy S2’s processor is bit faster than the iPhone.

iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2 processor

Coming to the graphics processor, Apple is equipped with a PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU that clearly outshines the ARM Mali 400 MP that has been used for the Galaxy S2. So, in processor comparison between iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2, though the Galaxy S2 is having faster processor, but iPhone 4S comes with tremendous graphics support.

#3. Operating System

  • Apple iPhone 4S – iOS 5 and can be upgraded to iOS 5.1
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 – Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) and can be upgraded to ICS 4.x

The Apple iPhone 4S is based on the iOS5 operating system and it has SIRI that supports it, while the Samsung Galaxy S2 is based on the Android 2.3, Gingerbread operating system which is not really the latest version of the Android operating system and thus, iPhone 4S scores over Galaxy S2 in this aspect. But, still both the devices can be upgraded to their prescribed latest versions.

So, in our comparison between iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2, we can’t really choose one best device with better OS, both the Operating Systems have their own benefits.


#4. Camera

As far as the rear facing shooter is concerned both the handsets have an 8MP, that is equipped with and LED Flash and there are features galore. The difference lies in the front facing camera as Samsung has a 2MP shooter and the iPhone 4S has a primitive VGA one.Needless to say the quality of video calling is much better in the case of the Galaxy S2.

Apple iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2 camera

So, if you are aiming for better camera and I’d definitely vote for Galaxy S2 in comparison between iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2 while in Video quality and other features, both holds almost same weight.

#5. Memory and Battery

As far as the battery is concerned Galaxy S2 is more flexible than the iPhone 4S as there is an external memory card slot that supports upto 32GB memory card. The Apple iPhone 4S doesn’t have an external memory card slot but it comes in variants with respect to the memory capacity. So there is a 16GB, 32GB and a 64GB model.

iphone and galaxy battery

So, in case of memory and battery comparison between iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2, I vote for Samsung Galaxy S2 because of reliable battery life and also external slot provision which gives it much more weight.

#6. Connectivity and Price

Apple iPhone 4S supports 3G HSPA at a speed of 14.4Mbps that is nothing as compared to the Galaxy S2 that is providing 4G WiMax and HSPA+ at an unbelievable speed of 21Mbps.

The price of iPhone 4S ranges between $199(32GB) to $399(64GB), while Samsung Galaxy S2 ranges between $199(Locked) to $600(Unlocked).

It is pretty tough choose one device between Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2, but still if I have to make a bias decision, I’d go for Galaxy S2 instead of iPhone 4S. Thus Galaxy S2 holds a slight edge over iPhone 4S in our comparison between Apple iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2 from Samsung.

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