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Apple iPad 3 Features & Specs and Release Day Details [RUMOR]

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In this post, we are going to deal with Speculated predictions of iPad 3 Features, Specifications, Release date and few more details. The Tablet industry is at its pinnacle point again. Well folks, you might know the reason… yea its the launch of Apple iPad 3. Apple iPad 2 has been into the market almost an year ago and it did tremendously well even with hefty competition from Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry and not to forget Amazon Kindle Fire. Apple products will always receive the greatest possible attention than any other devices in the Industry. Apple surprisingly launched iPhone 4S last year, where everyone expected iPhone 5 to hit the market. Anyway, I hope Apple might not roll out iPad 2S this year 😛

We can see that the Rumor waves are spreading around the world pretty quickly about the release date of iPad 3, its features and specifications… what not, I can see the people freaking-out for iPad 3. Few dedicated websites that deal with Apple News, played important role in creating teem across the web by leaking few interesting things. In fact it would be better to consider them as Rumors as we haven’t yet received any official statements from Apple regarding the release date or features or specifications.

iPad 3 Features

After going through few reliable sources, it’s feels like… Apple may be planning to roll out iPad 3 somewhere around this March. Samsung is getting ready to compete with iPad 3 with by rolling-out it’s Galaxy 10.1 Tab later in the same month. So, March is going to be the Month of the year.

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Apple iPad 3 Release Date

Before dealing with iPad 3 Features and Specifications, I’d take few seconds to discuss about the possible Roll out date of iPad 3. It has been buzzing all over the web, that Apple iPad 3 may be launched anywhere around March. But, few reliable sources like T3, TechRadar have posted few predictions about the Release date.

  • The internal sources have hinted that Apple may release their next iOS update this March 9th and you well might expect iPad 3 on the same day.
  • Few Sources Claimed that Apple iPad 3 Release could be in the first week of march
  • Reliable sources who has been accurate on their predictions like iMore stated that “Apple plans to release iPad 3 on March 7th.

So, we’d like to see how Apple is going to apply their strategy considering these predictions and Rumors.

Apple iPad 3 Release date

Apple iPad 3 Features

So, I believe that this might be the major reason why you are here. Many speculated predictions are going beyond the limit in case of Apple iPad 3 features. Mashable have conducted an User Poll about their Wishlist on iPad 3 Features and more than 40% if users are expecting HD Retina Display feature.

While reading about iPad 3 features, I’ve came across Cordell Estimator V4 software which is one of the best estimating software for construction projects and I’d like see these kinds of applications on “New iPad” as well.

Here are some of the Possible Apple iPad 3 Features

  • Retina Display – Customers expected this feature in iPad 2 itself, but it disappointed them. Now they are expecting Retina Display as one of the Major feature of iPad 3. A Rumor is teeming around that users can Expect 2048 x 1536 resolution with Retina Display.
  • HD FaceTime Camera – Apple iPad 3 may be loaded with HD FaceTime chatting possibility for Front Facing Camera while in case of Rear Camera it might be identical to 8-MP camera of iPhone 4S and you may expect Camera Flash.
  • 3D Display – iPad 3 users can expect 3D display as the french researches found a way of creating 3D display without any other additional Hardware requirements.
  • SD Card Slot – Users can expect SD Card Slot in the Upcoming iPad 3 hopefully. It is one of the most awaited aspect in iPad as its competitors are making use of this simple drawback.
  • Quad-Core Processor – Apple iPad 3 may come up with much advanced processor which makes it lightning fast. iPad 3 may be loaded with Quad-Core A6 processor and reliable sources like BGR’s statements added boost for this. The A6 processor’s model number could be S5L8945X. It is one of the best iPad 3 features.

Apple iPad 3

  • 4G LTE Network – Apple iPad 3 may also supports 4G LTE Network and it is the first time that Apple has manufactured a 4G device, which adds great boost that 4G might be the built-in feature in iPad 3.
  • Siri – It is one of the confirmed feature that Apple iPad 3 is going to posses, because iPad 3 will be obviously having iOS 5 in it and they have managed to bring Siri in iPhone 4S itself. So, users can expect Siri without any doubt on their iPad 3.
  • HDMI Port – Apple iPad 3 users can expect HDMI port that allows them enjoy video playbacks without having HDMI cable. Though iPad 2 supports HDMI playback, still the users must have to buy Apple’s digital AV adapter to enjoy them.
  • Battery Backup – Well, if you are willing to enjoy 4G Network, 8-MP camera, excellent audio and video quality, 3D, Siri and other features, you may have to forget about this. If Apple manages to improve the Battery backup with all these features, that may be a miracle.
  • More Storage Capacity – It is expected that iPad 3 might offer upto 128 GB of memory storage instead of its traditional 64GB capacity. It is most awaited iPad 3 features.
  • Thunderbolt Technology – This is one of the famous feature in Apple’s Mac line which allows us to copy or transfer stuff from same port. Apple iPad 3 is also expected to have this feature.
  • Chances of iPad 2S – Who cares about the name, if you are having all sorts of enhancements in it 🙂

These are some of the major Apple iPad 3 features that I came across. I’ll be updating this list based on the latest enhancements, so stay tuned. If you think I’ve missed any other important iPad 3 features, share it in the comment section below.

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