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iPad 2 vs New iPad – Should you Upgrade to New iPad?

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If you are wondering whether to settle with your iPad 2 or to upgrade it to New iPad, this post will help you to make a decision by comparing the major differences between iPad 2 vs New iPad. In our previous posts, we dealt about iPad 3 Rumor and Things that you need to know before buying the “New iPad” and now we are going to differentiate between Apple iPad 2 and New iPad.

On March 19th 2012, Apple released a Sales record that they sold over 3 million New iPads in just 4 days and it is one of the strongest iPad launch till date and it’s been over 10 days since that note, as the Apple officials might be busy in counting their money, else they might have released some sort of announcement regarding the issues that New iPad is facing.

So, we are going to focus on the cons and pros between the iPad 2 and New iPad which might guide you in making a decision, whether to buy New iPad or to upgrade or to settle with your old iPad 2. There is also a possibility for you to own the brand new iPad 2 at much cheaper price. Considering all these factors, I’ve made a list of things that you may have to consider before upgrading.

Apple iPad 2 vs New iPad

Considering that, Apple sold over 15 million iPad 2 tablets in the last quarter. All those users who bought an iPad 2 few months ago, might be wondering whether to settle with iPad 2 which is just months old or to upgrade to New iPad. Well, this post is specially written for those people in order to minimize the confusion.

Let us check out some of the enhancements, performance and well as few issues that the iPad users experience with New iPad over iPad 2.

Apple iPad 2 vs New iPad – Comparison

#1. Price Factor

If you buy an iPad 2 in the previous quarter, knowing the fact that Apple might release the next generation iPad in just a couple of months. I can’t say that a wrong decision, because it depends on the situation that demands. The New iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi version(low end) costs you same as that of iPad 2 and highest end New iPad 64 GB 4G LTE version costs you $829 + Tax depends upon the network AT&T or Verizon that you choose.

If you are keen to get the New iPad by selling your old iPad 2 on some of the popular websites like eBay, Amazon etc., that might fetch you between $150 – $300 depending upon its condition. That’s an awesome deal for sure, if you sell your old iPad 2 for $300 and you need to afford $200 more for owning the New iPad. If you consider that $200 isn’t a big deal to invest on New iPad, then it’s definitely your turn to get your Hands on it.

On the other hand, buying the iPad 2 for just $399 really worth every penny you spend on it. It is going to be yet another awesome deal as well. But, if you think money is not only criteria then, you can read the article further.

Price Factor – While comparing iPad 2 vs New iPad in terms of price, then it would be clearly your decision depending on your economic ability.

iPad 2 vs New iPad

#2. Retina Display and High Screen Resolution

The New iPad is given much priority for its display quality and as you might be aware of the fact that Apple officials claimed that the display resolution of New iPad is much better than your Television sets.

The HD Retina Display is the most important enhancement, that which might drag you to buy the New iPad and it definitely deserves every penny you spend. The screen resolution of 2048×1536 pixels @ 264 pixels/inch whose resolution is almost double that of iPad 2 and if you are serious about playing games, reading books, watching movie, browsing something, or other entertainment tasks, then don’t hesitate to choose New iPad ahead of iPad 2 because of its tremendous Display quality.

New iPad comes with same 9.7-inch LED backlit Multi-Touch screen of iPad 2. You need to consider that New iPad screen comes with Fingerprint resitant oleophobic coating which iPad 2 isn’t having. Apple also mentioned that the wider color gamut percentage in New iPad is 44% more than iPad 2.

Retina Display & High Screen Resolution – While comparing iPad 2 vs New iPad, I’d suggest you to buy New iPad ahead of any other Tablets existing in the market regardless whether it is iPad 2 or Galaxy Tab or Playbook, simply anything without hesitation.

High Screen Resolution Comparison between iPad 2 vs the New iPad

#3. Optimization Issue

We’ve talked about Retina Display and High Screen Resolution from New iPad, but there are few compatibility issues that which completely ruin your emphatic display experience with iPad unless the developers comes with iPad 3 optimized display. Well, it might take time to release the iPad 3 compatible display for most of the  applications, magazine publishers, normal text or others aspects and you should be patience. Till then, you may experience some low quality display and some times it may be really hard for you to read text. iPad 2 is on safer side and though the display stats of it are lagging, but still it doesn’t bag any optimization issue.

Optimization Issue – In comparing iPad 2 vs New iPad, We cannot predict the exact outcome of updated and optimized versions of iPad 3 as there are tons and tons of applications which is certainly impossible for us to conclude. On this note, I’d vote for iPad 2 to which stays on safer side.

#4. Camera and Video 

The New iPad is loaded with 5MP rear camera and VGA(0.3MP) front-camera while iPad 2 is having just 1 MP rear camera and VGA(0.3MP) front-camera. The camera quality of the New iPad is too good with features like Auto-Focus, Still Image and Video stabilization, Face Detection as iPad 2 doesn’t carry any of these features.

With New iPad, you can shoot HD video 1080p @ 30 frames/sec and in case of iPad2 it shoots 720p video @ 30 frames/sec. The camera and video specifications clearly imply that the New iPad is way ahead of iPad 2. If you are serious about photography or shooting HD videos, then I’d suggest you to buy New iPad instead of using your old iPad 2.

iPad 2 vs New iPad

#5. Processor and Connectivity

The New iPad is much faster that iPad 2 with its Dual-Core Processor(APX), Quad-Core Graphical Processing Unit(APX), and 1GB RAM (A5X). The storage options are pretty much the same 16/32/64 GB.

The New iPad is the first Apple device that supports 4G LTE. But the 4G version is only available on AT&T and Verizon. While iPad 2 comes with 3G that is available on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint networks. The New iPad is the first Tablet device with Bluetooth 4.0 while iPad comes with Bluetooth 2.1. You don’t have HDMI ports here as well.

Connectivity and Processor – In comparing iPad 2 vs New iPad, the New iPad stands ahead on most of the terms. But still the question is how many countries enabled the 4G spectrum that matters.

new ipad

#6. Memory Issues 

The Apple should have considered about increasing the storage options. Because every Retina-Display compatible applications that you download occupies extra storage memory because of their extra size. You can expect almost every iPad application will be optimized to New iPad compatibility soon, so 64GB memory will not be that suggestible as Apple should have introduced the 128GB variant into market as well.

It’s just a small prediction, as I’ve noticed the Retina-display compatible apps are heavier in size that normal apps. Nothing is impossible, as Apple might introduce some memory compression zaps to reduce the storage capacity.

#7. Overheat and Charging Issues

The Apple forums are filled with New iPad’s overheating issue. The hottest spot of the New iPad is located at the processor position and the major reasons might be cramming too many things like bigger battery, bigger processor, Retina-Display, but almost same size.

I’ve read at few forums that people complaining about battery draining issues and in order to make things worse than these both issues, the New iPad also bags Charging issue. The report states that few users are experiencing troble when charging their device while running specific applications.

My Suggestion – The bugs of New iPad are kicking out one by one in a row and I believe Apple might comeup with some solution for all these problems.

In our comparison between iPad 2 vs New iPad, if you ask me whether to Upgrade your iPad 2 to New iPad. My answer will be of course yes, though there are few flaws and compatibility aspects that might well make you to wait for a while, but still the Display, Camera, Processor, Connectivity, and entertainment aspects of the New iPad are way ahead of the iPad 2.

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