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How to Install Incompatible apps on your Android Device

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Have you even imagined of installing incompatible android apps on your device. Due to regular updates, most of the Android devices face compatibility issues with the applications in the Google PlayStore. Users generally feels frustrated and gets really unhappy if they find the application that they have installed on their device is incompatible. If you are one among them, your search is going to end here. The other day, I was searching for installing Temple Run on my Galaxy Ace, and but because of incompatible issue, I ended giving-up and searched for alternative games.

While browsing for sources, luckily I found some random source and found a way that helps us to install apps on your Android Device that are incompatible. The only thing that you need to do on your device is to tweak a file on your device. All you need to do is to have your android device get rooted, install apps like Root Explorer.

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Make sure that rooting will nullify your device’s warranty and we don’t personally encourage it. In order to make incompatible apps, compatible for your device, you need to root it down and then follow these steps.

How to install Incompatible Android Apps 

  • You have to clear data by following these steps – Settings -> Applications -> All -> Market -> Clear Data.
  • Install ES File Explorer or Root Explorer app on your device from Google PlayStore. Now, open the file manager application which you’ve installed. I’ve used ES File Explorer app in this tutorial.
  • Go to Settings -> Root Settings and then enable the Root Explorer and Mount File System options.
  • Next, you have to search for “build.prop” file in your /system folder and open it.
  • This is most important point, make sure you backup the build.prop file (just copy and paste it in external memory by renaming the file).
  • Switch back to original location of build.prop. Open build.prop -> ES Note Editor -> Search ro.product.model and ro.product.manufacturer and follow these steps.
    • ro.product.model = Galaxy S3
    • ro.product.manufacturer = samsung.

install incompatible android apps

  • Though you are using some other devices, we change these lines to pretend that you are using Galaxy S3. Now after changing those lines, top on menu button and save it.
  • You are almost done with the process, now you need to Clear your device’s cache and restart it back.

Now, you can happy download and install incompatible android apps on to your device and use them without any obstructions. This is yet another benefit of rooting, since we are allowed to get access to memory aspects, we can install any sort of application on our devices, if you root it. Hope you liked my tutorial on how to install incompatible Android apps from Google Play store.

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