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Increasing Popularity of Your Blogs: Best Strategies

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Sometimes we are not satisfied with the traffic we are getting; we want to drive more persons to read our blogs. It can be anyone’s intentions where you think that you should be popular in the venture, which you have undertaken. According our self-opinion, we think my writing is best, and if it is, why are you not getting more number of readers. There are certain ways by which you can drive more traffic your blogs.

You need not have to do more Advanced SEO stuff to get that more traffic. No need to get listed in the search page ranking all you have to do is market your blog in a proper way and manner. The first thing necessary to have a popular blog is good and original content with a catchy title which should determines the exact resemblance between the title and the content of your blog.

Blogging Tips for Driving More Traffic to your Blog Post

  1. Set up e mail subscription form on your blog so that you will be invite all your friends, colleagues, relatives, present followers and clients to read your blog.
  2. Submit your blog URL to search engines.
  3. Leave comments on the blogs, which are similar to your blog niche. Never use one word comments instead write descriptive and intelligent material with a link to your own blog.
  4. Submit your blog to different blog directories and Ping-O-matic to submit your blog to ping directories.
  5. If possible, put a link of your blog post on every outgoing mail.
  6. You can use traffic exchange for getting more traffic to your blog.
  7. Share the blog page with different social networking Medias like LinkedIn, Facebook, My Space, Digg, Twitter and lot more.
  8. If possible, enroll in to Pay-per-click program where you will have to pay for every click that directs the reader to your blog.
  9. Make sure you are providing some valuable content to your readers and don’t walk on the path, which is already used, choose your own path and let other follow you.
  10. Keep on updating on a regular basis with interesting content and attractive titles.


Please understand after all these efforts it is not possible that you will get results within a day or two. It will take some time to build up your reputation as a blogger and eventually you will get traffic and increased number of followers. There are some bloggers having successful follower base and are popular in the blogging community only after years of blogging and patience.

2 Comments to Increasing Popularity of Your Blogs: Best Strategies

  1. I am very excited to have found this post. I have been looking for ways to drive targeted traffic to my new blog using this method. I will try to implement and see how it works on my blog. Thanks.

  2. A. S. Bhasker Raj


    Very useful guide to all Bloggers.
    Your Blogging site should attract people and people will visit only if they find useful info.

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