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Important Smartphone Security Risks you must know

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According to some leading market analysts, the sales of Smartphone devices will outnumber Personal Computers by 2013, and they will become the most commonly used devices for accessing the web.

The widespread deployment of Smartphone units by both government and business employees in recent times has raised the occurrence of some common Smartphone security risks, which need to be given proper attention as they are related to privacy concerns of its users. Let’s talk about some of the common security risks that are related to Smartphone devices in the following sections. You might be already aware of the fact that Android Devices are under serious threat. The other day, I’ve read an article about the security issues that Android devices are going to face “Security experts found MultiStage Malware on Google Playstore via PcWorld” and it’s pretty shocking thing that the LinkedIn, Yahoo account details have leaked over past few weeks which reflects the security breaches that we are going to face in forthcoming days.


So, its clear that not only our Computers or SmartPhones, but also the storage servers of some of the Biggest names in the World Wide Web are facing the serious issues. You might also be aware of the July 9th issue where some DNS changer malware is going to attack our PCs. Many broadband provides have scanned their servers in order to avoid the consequences.

In order to stay safe, it is always suggested to use reputed broadband networking services instead of using local services. You might be interested in checking out some of the best broadband deals that gives you the brief examples of how trusted broadband provides charge. Mobile security is definitely going to be the one of the biggest concerns in the coming days. It might be because of theft or malware attacks or hacking or anything.

In this article, we are going to deal with some of the Security Risks that every SmartPhone user must be aware of.

#1. Risk 1 –
For Smartphone users who are involved themselves in businesses, theft or misplacement of the device is the major security risk as it can lead to information leakage, when the device is not protected or the memory is not sufficiently guarded. In order to tackle this particular risk, you should make sure that your device has mobile policy regulations covering Smartphone encryption, and also access control to the device (PIN-lock).

#2. Risk 2 – Another easy way to get away from this risk is to avoid storing any form of confidential corporate information on the Smartphone. Suppose you have stored some important information, make sure that there are backups of the stored data. By addressing the data leakage security risk, you can also mitigate another top risk of improper decommissioning related to Smartphone units.

#3. Risk 3 – Unintentional disclosure of information is another major security problem that needs to be addressed in order to maintain confidentiality of important data. Phishing attack is also treated as a security risk as the attacker can easily collect the user credentials including credit card number and passwords by making use of fake apps/messages that look real.

Other Risks

The other medium security risks concerned to Smartphone devices include spyware attacks, surveillance attacks, network Spoofing attacks, financial malware attacks, Diallerware attacks, and many more. Network resource overload as a result of Smartphone usage can even lead to network unavailability for the customer.

Software providers had also undertaken a walled garden method, which permits only digitally signed applications from a focal distribution control to be installed, thereby reducing the possibility of installing any form of malwares. This approach has increased the level of security not only for business and government users, but also for the general Smartphone consumers.

On the whole, with increasing use of Smartphone devices, the security risks are also growing, and the companies are coming up with some effective counter back measures to deal with all those security risks.

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