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HTML5 – The Future of web

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Internet has been growing faster than anything else. Half-a-decade before Facebook was just a site and Twitter didn’t even exist, but, today they rule the web space with everybody having an account. HTML was regarded the greatest invention when the World Wide Web Consortium first brought it out. Since then we have had a lot of different aspects which have made the web what it is today. The next big thing to make it to the Internet is HTML5.


It is the successor of HTML 4.01 which is implemented in most of the websites we have today. You can expect Web Apps to work just like Desktop Apps in the future and programmers will find it a lot easier to design webpages since HTML5 comes with efficient error handling. Web pages will now look similar over different compliant browsers.

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Most of our browsers support HTML5 except for the infamous Internet Explorer 8, though; Microsoft is adding support for the same in Internet Explorer 9. There are currently a lot of demos available across the web for you to feel and understand what HTML 5 looks like and what it is all about.

Many prefer Web Apps today because writing software is slow and expensive; HTML5 makes it go faster and cheaper, moreover it works across many platforms (in any browser, actually)

When HTML5 is implemented fully flash might lose the relevancy it has today (and make Steve Job’s dream come true!), But, Apart from a programming perspective, Flash will still survive. This debate between HTML5 and Flash is a war between engineers and creative people and it’s a matter of who understood the web and its technologies and who is relatively shallow, I feel that flash is just another proprietary standard that is slowly being overshadowed by newer technologies which are a lot better (This is just like Real Player, which was once a rage, but, who bothers to use it now?).

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