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How to Unlock Android Phone without Data Loss If You Forgot Password?

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Almost all of us have smartphones in our pocket with advanced operating systems. Out of these operating systems, Android has comfortably taken the lead. A smartphone with Android OS installed is in every third person’s pocket. As a mobile phone is with you most of the time, you would obviously safeguard your phone with screen locks, pin codes, pattern codes etc. This keeps your data secure from any kind of unauthorized access.

Such pass codes ensure that no user can hack into the phone easily. But they also make sure that in case an authentic user gets locked out of their phone for some reason, they can get into it easily as well.

how to unlock android phone forgot password

Here are easy ways for how to unlock android phone forgot password:

  1. Unlock Android Phone Using Google Account:

As your mobile phone is linked with your Google account, your phone can be easily unlocked from there. If you have access to your Google account but are unable to remember the android phone’s password, you can use your Google account to unlock your phone. Here are a few ways in which you can unlock your phone using Google account:

  • Reset Password via Forgot Password/Pattern Link:

After entering the wrong password multiple times, your phone will get locked. If you enter the incorrect password 5 times, you get a 30 second lock time period. If you keep entering the wrong password, the lock time period keeps increasing. Finally, your phone gets locked for a whole hour. When this happens, you get a Forgot Password/Pattern link in the bottom. Click on this link and proceed to the unlock page. Verify your identity by entering your Google account credentials. Once you have done so, you can change your passcode easily.

  • Unlock Phone Using 2 Step Verification:

If your account has two-factor authentication enabled, then you can use it to verify your identity and get access to your phone. Go to two-factor authentication and revoke access permissions to the android device. To do so, you need to go to the Account Permissions page of your Google account and revoke access to your device. After revoking access, reconnect the Google account by going to the App Passwords page. Create an app password and in the ‘Forgot password’ link, put in your Google id and the 16 digit password.

  1. Unlock Android Phone without Google Account:

If you do not have access to your Google account, you can recover your account and try the above mentioned steps. Even then, if you are unable to access your phone, you would need to either wipe all data or try an unorthodox way that might void your warranty. If your device has its bootloader unlocked and is rooted, you can use various toolboxes that are available online to access your mobile phone. If your device isn’t rooted, sadly your data cannot be saved and you would have to wipe it all off.

Use the above mentioned ways to keep your data safe and get back your Android phone just the way it was.

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