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How to Transfer Text Messages, Contacts from Samsung Mobile to Computer

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Businessmen usually prefer to bring Samsung as the necessary tool rather than other brand mobile phone in their workplace. One of the reasons is that Android system can be downloaded at any time for free. According to the latest statistic investigations, more than 300 short messages and nearly 250 contact information are filled in Samsung mobile phone averagely, which much exceed over the maximal limitation of mobile SIM card. But users are reluctant to save data in SD card and get rid of habit of storing them in SIM card directly. In doing so, transferring text messages and contact information to their computer can help them to have upgrade data instead of changing habit to store information in SD card.

For example, whenever they need to transfer data from Samsung mobile to computer, with USB cable to connecting their mobile to the computer, users can easily go through the transferring procedure as long as Android system installed in the mobile. It is no doubt that Coolmuster Android Assistant is the wonderful software for users to keep in their mobile. The “file manager” is popped up immediately on the interface, which can be automatically put in use without installing on the computer. The reason is because of Coolmuster software obtainable screen display function caused by cooperative communication between mobile phone and operation system. Professional engineer may explain that Android system provide a special debug function. By calling for it, software interface can be displayed on Windows7 screen, to export sms from Android phone to computer, this tutorial will help you: How to transfer messages from Android to PC

transfer text messages, contacts from samsung mobile to computer

Although the main function of Coolmuster Android Assistant is to share video, music and files in various formats, we believe that the most outstanding advantage for this software is the data transferring function.   In the interface provided by Coolmuster Android Assistant, with one-key pressing, users can view the two windows at the same time on the computer. The small one in front is the connecting box while another one is the full page which supposes to include all information from the mobile phone. After click “connecting” in small one, Android mobile can be recognized at once. Users should well know about how many junk mails, how many contacts, how many PCs of short messages and how much GB volume left in their mobile.

By now, what user is hurry up to do is housekeeping their mobile phone. In order not to mix with other information on the computer, we suggest that new folder is better choice to store mobile information, which can be name as “mobile info”, “beloved mobile”, or even certain special girl’s name to divide categories. After transferring text messages and contacts, users may find that it is only take a few seconds in transferring.

Armed with smart program, users do not need to worry about the software update issue because Coolmuster Android Assistant can be upgraded online automatically when Android application version number is less than the latest. Usually after upgrading to the latest version, it can bring in much newer function and prettier interface for users to enjoy.

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