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How to Trace an Email in GMail

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Here are some simple steps involved in retrieving details of the location from where an E Mail has been sent.

How to know the details in GMail
1. Login to your GMail account.
2. Open any eMail, you have received.
3. In the right corner you can see Reply and Arrow list.4. In that arrow list, Click on Show original.

4. In that arrow list, Click on Show original.
5. Search for the details like “Received from”. Search it with Browser Search(CTRL+F).

6. The above image shows the message header which contains IP addresses of servers which are involved in this process.
7. To find who has sent this message originally to you, you’ll have to search for the last “Received” phrase.
8. It will show Computer Name and IP address.
9. To track the IP address: Use Geobyte IP Locator

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