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How to Sync Facebook Contacts with Android

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Are you trying to find out How to Sync Facebook Contacts with Android Device? Well there is nothing secret or mystery about it. You can easy Sync Facebook contacts with android by following few no-brain steps and you call sync all your contacts pretty quickly.

Before starting, we apologize you for the low frequency posting over past couple of months. Okay, back to point… In early 2011, Google took a surprising decision to stop allowing the users to use a direct option for synchronizing Facebook contacts with android device by using the Official Facebook app or any other third party apps in the Android Market in order to protect your data. Well, its not like Android doesn’t allow us to Sync Facebook Contacts, but they have removed the direct option of synchronization. So, the current users cannot sync Facebook contacts with android devices directly using their Facebook Android Application and you need to implement some other technique to do it.

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Well, I’m not sure with the above statement. I’ve read about this somewhere. But I’m finding the Synchronizing FB Contacts option directly on my device while logging in, without any sort of problem. If you find it on your device as well, you can do Sync Contacts directly, else you need to follow the steps that we are going to mention below. Few of my friends have faced this problem. So, I’ve decided to come up with a solution and its pretty easy thing you just need to follow 5 steps to Sync all your Facebook Contacts onto your Android Device within minutes and including contacts you can also Sync your Facebook Images or Tagged Photos with your Android makes this tutorial much more interesting. Lets not waste any more time.

Sync Facebook Contacts with Android

In order to Sync Facebook Contacts with Android Device, you need to follow these simple steps and not to forget, you need to have the Official Facebook app installed already on your device, if not you are suggested to download it from Android Market.

Before starting the procedure, lets check-out the pre-requisites –

Prerequisites to Sync Facebook Contacts with Android

  1. A Wi-Fi connectivity
  2. A Registered Facebook Account,
  3. An Installed Facebook Application on your device,
  4. Make sure your device is having minimum of 60% of charging and not to forget.

How to  Sync Facebook Contacts with Android

#Step – 1. You need to Open the Facebook app on your device and sign-in.

#Step – 2. After signing-into your Facebook account, you need to hold your Menu button and tap the Settings option.

sync facebook contacts with android

#Step – 3. After Tapping the settings option, you need to scroll down till you find the Sync Contacts option.

sync facebook contacts with android

#Step – 4. Now tap on that Sync Contacts, which opens 3 more options for you. Sync all, Sync with existing contacts, Don’t Sync or Remove Facebook Data.


#Step – 5. If you select Sync all option, it imports all your Facebook contacts, Albums, Tagged Photos etc., while if you select Sync Existing contacts option, it imports all your Facebook friend’s contacts and selecting Remove Facebook data will clear all Sync data.

Thus, these are the 5 simple steps that enable you to Sync Facebook Contacts with Android device.

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