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How to Secure a Wireless Network

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In this article, we are going to check out the proven ways that helps us to know how to Secure a Wireless Network. We deal with 5 best possible ways that helps you to stay away from security breaches. We’ve written many articles, that are related to Security and Wireless connectivity and now, we are going to conclude the best and working techniques that helps you to know How to Secure a Wireless Network easily.

The Wireless Network has been a boon for many. But there have been certain security breach cases in the past and that is one of the main reasons behind people being hesitant to use the wireless network. In this post I have mentioned the security concerns that the wireless network poses and how to secure a wireless network.

The main problem with a wireless network is that the architecture of the network is such that the processing units, themselves repel any kind of control in general.  Also, the wireless network leaves the users vulnerable as the data that is being transferred to them as there are sources that can illegally and unethically intercept the data and also gain control over it. There are rogue access points that are present in between and these points if misused can cause major trouble.

Wireless connection

Most of the people generally perform a broadband speed test, in order to check out the performance of their service provider. There are many speed testing tools that are available, but only few of them will provide us with accurate information. Some-times few of the webpages or blogs might take little time that force us to check the broadband speed, but before doing that the users are suggested to test the loaded speed of the website/blogs.

In order to use these tools, we must also get to know about the working of the Wireless networks. Before checking out how to secure a wireless network, let us check-out some relevant articles.

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How to secure a wireless network

In case you are worried about your safety as you are using a wireless network, then here are the best ways for you to secure a wireless network so that you will not be left vulnerable to interception while data transfer.

#1. Get a new administrative password

You will be given a standard username and password by your network provider and this password will help you to gain access to the router settings. The passwords that are provided by the network are pretty standard and can be easily got, so changing them is a good option and make sure you change them at regular intervals.

#2. SSID helps

Service Set Identifier (SSID) name must be changed and it must be turned off, as well. This will help you to remain undetected by other networks, as when the SSID is on, your name is continuously display on the access points.

#3. Firewall Protection

Firewall is one of the best ways to ensure safety while using a wireless connection as it restricts hackers from getting the data out of your computer. These days all the routers have a Firewall protection and you can go that extra mile by getting an additional Firewall protection for your computer and you need to make sure that it cannot be turned off, so that there is protection at all times.

#4. Static IP usage

The static IP is what a home user needs to have as in the case of a dynamic IP, as in the case of the dynamic IP, the address becomes available at all routes and this can be a serious threat to your security. So switch to static IP

#5. Ecryption saves the day

After all these steps to ensure your safety encryption will just seal the whole thing, because if you use the encryption methods that are permitted by the wireless network. Also once you have used the encryption method, it becomes practically impossible for a hacker to decipher the data that you have transferred or has been transferred to you.

This is how to secure a wireless network and use it for all your benefits without being under the constant fear that your data may get intercepted somewhere in between.

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