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[UPDATED] How to revert to old Facebook Chat Version

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In this post we are going to deal with how to get back to old Facebook Chat. Facebook has released its new chat version 10 days back by re-modifying their old Facebook chat. Most of the people didn’t like it because it is not showing all the online friends and most. If you also don’t like this new chat interface, you can revert back to old Facebook chat interface partially. You can access the old Facebook chat interface in a separate Window.

The new Facebook Chat interface is designed well, but the problem is it is not showing all the friends who are online. It is showing only the contacts with whom you are interacting frequently. In my opinion Facebook has to implement an option to show only Online friends like in Google talk or just show the Online friends only.

Get Back to Old Facebook Chat


Example: If there are 50 friends online, it is showing upto 30 results (fits the size of the screen) out of those 30 results it is showing the offline friends also which made people to reject this and they are searching for getting back to old Facebook Chat version. They need to separate Online and Offline (limiting to the friends whom we have frequently talked) friends and also have to put a Scroll bar like in the previous one, then it will be cool.

So for now, All we can do is wait for an update of chat interface. You can use the previous Old Facebook Chat version interface here. This also might be irritating because of opening a separate window only for chat.

Partial Old Facebook Chat version with scroll bar view.

Thus in this way, you can revert back partially to Old Facebook Chat version from current updated Facebook Chat version.


How to get Old Facebook Chat Version without a separate window

In the above tutorial we need to open new window to use the old Facebook chat interface, Now the following tutorial will help you to use the old Facebook chat interface in the same page itself.

#1. If you are using Firefox you should install GreaseMonkey. You don’t need to install Greasemonkey on Google Chrome.

#2. You need to install a userscript i.e., Facebook Chat Reversion.

Permit Greasemonkey to Install the Script

#3. You can install that script both on Firefox and Chrome. But you need Greasemonkey to install it on Firefox.

Facebook Chat Reversion Installation

#4. You can get back the Old Facebook chat interface. Enjoy!

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Hope you found the way to get back to old Facebook chat.

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  1. I get the impression that nobody likes the new chat feature of Facebook but it seems that the people behind it have no plans to revert to the old version. Thanks for giving us a solution to the irritating Facebook chat sidebar.

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