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Phone Fail? How To Quickly Restore Your Phone Contacts

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This article is going to deal with best practices that you need to follow inorder to Restore your Phone Contacts and also get them backup without taking any chances again.

I think it’s happened to everyone I know at least once. Whether you have to restore your phone to its original settings, lose it completely, or it even gets dropped in the toilet, the accident itself often seems less harmful than the results; losing all your contacts! Well fear not friends, here is an emergency guide to get you back up and connected quickly.

#1. Leverage Social Media

Use the tools at your disposal. Let everyone know what happened via Twitter. This will at least keep you on good terms if you were planning on getting in touch with someone that day, and if it’s someone important to you, they’re probably following you. Also, ask for people’s information on your Facebook wall. Anyone who cares about being in touch with you will gladly post their number to your wall, or at least send you a message.

#2. Sync Up!

While your social media friends do their part, get savvy yourself by syncing up with whatever you’ve used in the past to manage your contacts. Apple created ITunes to sync with your IPhone address book, and Google does the same with Google Apps. Use this software to upload any contact info you had saved on your account to your actual device. And if you didn’t utilize this option before, it’s okay, but it will take a little longer. You can also sync an iPhone with Facebook for those friends who do have their numbers listed on their profile.

#3. Go Manual

Finally, for those whose information was only on your phone, it’s time for a scavenger hunt. Use email and social media to politely contact the person and ask for their number again. And if you are unsure whether their number was even necessary in the first place, use this as a chance to weed out the unnecessary contacts. And if you ever run into them again, you have the perfect excuse: “Oh hey! I lost all my numbers.” It’s perfect because you actually did. ou can also do a reverse phone lookup for unknown numbers that call you, or ask other close friends to borrow their phone for 10 minutes while you retrieve mutual contacts.

Now that you’ve survived a day (or a few hours) without your contacts, perhaps you will realize the importance of backing up your device. Or, maybe you’ve been given some perspective on who you are really in touch with and who is in your list that you really won’t miss. Either way, it’s a great chance to clean house and to reach out to people you haven’t said “Hi” to in a while.

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  1. The best way to keep your contacts with you is by not keeping them into your phone. You should always make periodic backup of your Phone so that not just contacts, but everything else is safe.

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