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How to reduce harmful effect of your Mobile Phone, using the Mobile Repeater?

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Any technical device involves the correct application, including the mobile signal repeater, so if you want to protect yourself and your relatives from potential danger, you have to know the main points of the safe use of mobile and able to draw appropriate conclusions.

The industry of cellular phones gives the world the freedom and the mobility, but despite these advantages many people today tell about the dangers of cell phones and GSM signal amplifier also.

Let’s see if it is true. The cellular phone is a small radio station that emits electromagnetic waves. But sometimes in some spaces there is a very weak cellular signal. To solve the problem of poor wireless reception can the mobile signal repeater. You think that one more additional unit will increase the electromagnetic background, but it is not so.

Moreover, installing the gsm mobile amplifier, your cell phone does not have to look for a hard contact with the cellular base station. If you have the gsm mobile repeater, the phone emitted power will be less than 20 mW. The difference is obvious. And if your room has multiple cellular boosters, the total electromagnetic background is reduced in several times! It is proved that the mobile signal amplifier gives five times less radiation than the cell phine in conditions of the weak signal. That’s why you don’t need to afraid the cellular booster, but the cell phone, located in the poor signal area.


Also the mobile signal amplifier reduces the negative effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body. The men use today many different gadgets (TV, microwave ovens, computers and much more) that are the sources of radiation. Such electromagnetic radiation has an impact on organic and inorganic tissue, influence the balance in the body; and the failure of the main systems (endocrine, nervous, reproductive, sexual and cardiovascular) comes. When the phone is on or during the conversation, the electromagnetic background is created and it is absorbed by the tissues of the human body. First of all your head, brain, hearing and vision suffer, because they are in close proximity to your device. The habitants of the country areas, where signal is poor and there are no cell phone boosters, the indicators of diseases, associated with exposure to electromagnetic radiation, are in 2-3 times higher than the habitants of the urban areas have.

So the solution is really simple: to choose the cell phone repeater for your house or work office anywhere you need to amplify the poor cell signal and the wireless booster will reduce harmful levels of radiation. The cellular amplifier reduces the emission of the mobile signal phone from highest to lowest, that guarantees the safety of its use. Using the gsm repeater, you will notice that the cellular signal quality in the area of reception will be improved.

It should noticed that to buy only the cell phone booster is not enough, you need also to install it correctly. Of course, you can do it yourself. The professional installation is the guarantee that the cell phone amplifier will provide the desired level of the cell signal, and the emission of the wireless phone will be minimal.

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17 Comments to How to reduce harmful effect of your Mobile Phone, using the Mobile Repeater?

  1. Harmful effect of these devices are a thing which people like us generally ignores. Thanks to the writers like you who are spreading this kind of awareness among people.

  2. Thanks for sharing this article with us siddhartha , I must say you should minimize the length of posts . Long post= boring to read 🙂 My personal exp 😛

  3. this seems mobile phone radiation booster is essential for everyone since the advancement of mobile equipments.

    This is kind of electrmagnetic pollution which harmful for brain and complete part of the body.

    Do you have idea on how much will it cost to buy mobile phone radiaton booster?.

    Thanks to the article.

  4. The major problem is radiation exposure and this wireless booster is a great help. Specially now that most of the users of mobiles are the young generation. I don’t know how this will work but reading your post makes me want to know more about this product.

  5. Good points. I try to limit my time on the phone for several reasons. One is radiation, but the other is I don’t really enjoy talking on the phone 🙂 I wonder the wifi connection I’m on with my laptop, any risk there? Hopefully it’s very low power, since it’s on my lap several hours per day. Hadn’t really thought about that until I was sitting here typing this comment….

  6. Useful discussion. I have always wondered abotu the risk posed by wireless phones. Even though the reports of its risks are inconclusive, there is definitely the presence of some risk. I try to use it as less as possible and use wired phone at home.


  7. @All thanks a lot for your kind comments, please make sure you reduce the usage of your Mobile Phones or try the repeater in order to save your health….

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