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How to know if system is infected with virus

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Technology is changing day to day and simultaneously you can find equal range of development in virus and malware attacks too. Every PC user is aware of the term VIRUS.

What is a Virus?

Its  just a simple program that replicates itself and infects all our data (delete or modify). There a  millions of viruses existing  such as resident virus, boot virus,  Trojans  etc.

How you find out whether your system is affected or not?

Here are  some of the signs of a virus running in your PC
A virus enters your system either through internet or from any other removable devices like pen drives,

What about the virus running in background?
How can we say whether a virus is running in background?

  1. Its simple, just press CTR L+SHIFT+ESC or  ALT+CTR L+DELETE or open run (WIN+R) and type “taskmgr“, you’ll see Windows Taskmanager.
  2. Select performance tab and see if CPU usage is all green or above 50 percent, it means a hidden virus running in background utilizing the memory other than the programs you running.


  • First thing you notice is that  your system running slowly than as it should.
  • It sometimes may stop responding to the operations.
  • Sometimes system restarts without any reason.
  • Can find out multiple files with same name in a folder.
  • You may not be able to install anti virus.
  • Missing or modification of data in files.

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How can we protect our computers from viruses?

Its simple and easy.

Here are  some suggestions to protect our computers.


  • First and most important thing is to use a best anti virus and update it  frequently.
  • Turn on the Firewall.
  • Perform scan on the files that are downloaded from mails even though the site scans with the antivirus in site.
  • Don’t download files from sites that are not trusted such as wallpapers, .exec  files.
  • Always scan removable media before use as they carry most of the viruses from system to system.
  • Schedule the anti virus program for scanning once a week.

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8 Comments to How to know if system is infected with virus

  1. A slow running computer (unusually slow), suspicious programs running at the background, strange files/folders. These almost always are the early signs of a virus (malware) attack.

    Great post 🙂

  2. I personally use Kaspersky and it saved me several times when others didn’t. The problem is when I scan 1TB of data it can take a bit too long

  3. Nice info dude. I need a clarification. I am currently using Zone Alarm Firewall (Free edition) along with Avast Antivirus (Free edition). Are these enough for secured net access?

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