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How to Install WordPress on your Computer

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You might have to install WordPress on your Computer due to some reasons like:

#1. If you have a Self Hosted WordPress blog, you may need to test new Themes or Plugins. I agree that you can do this on your Web Server also but if you are doing this on a local computer, it’ll be much faster.

#2. If you want to run WordPress on a local network you can follow this method. You don’t need to buy domain and hosting space.

Remember You need not be a geek to perform the installation process of WordPress on your computer. It takes just 5-10 minutes to complete the entire process of installation.

How to setup WordPress on your Computer

In order to install WordPress on your Computer, you should different services like PHP and MySQL . Hmm…Don’t worry, use an application which bundles all the softwares needed to install WordPress on your Computer. It is XAMPPLite.

#1. Now first of all download EXE version of XAMPPLite, then extract it to root folder of your Computer (Ex: C:/) and after extracting double-click setup_xampp.bat .
#2. Once installation process is done, open XAMPP Control Panel.
#3. Now start APACHE and MySQL services.
#4. Open your Web Browser and type: http://localhost . You should see the page similar to the screen shot below.

If you don’t see this page, you have done something wrong. Revert all the changes and begin the process correctly again. Read it carefully.

#5. Now select your desired language (Ex: English). Now you’ll be redirected to PHPMyAdmin.
#6. Create a Database named “WORDPRESS” of course without quotes, select utf8_unicode_ci and press Create.

What we did till now?

Downloaded XAMPP and installed it, Started APACHE and MySQL services in XAMPP Control Panel. Created a new database with name WORDPRESS.
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#7. Now you should install WordPress on your computer, Download the latest Version of WordPress from here.
#8. Extract WordPress files on Desktop. Now copy that folder and paste it in C:/xampplite/htdocs. Rename the folder as WordPress.
#9. Now open your Browser and type: http://localhost/WordPress .
#10. Enter your Database and other details like username and password, to change your Password, Read this.
#11. Enter your Blog title and your Email address and click okay. You’ll be given a randomly generated Password, copy it as you need to use it for your first login.
#12. You are done with the installation process of WordPress, Now login to your WordPress Dashboard with the credentials provided in the earlier setup page.


Did it take more than 5 minutes to WordPress? That’s why this is called Famous 5 minutes install.

If you have any problems in doing this process, Please post your doubts in the comments field.

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