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How to Install Android on PC [TUTORIAL]

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install android on pc
In this article, we are going to deal with a tutorial that which guides you How to install Android on PC. Few of you might have already read this tutorial at famous sites like HowToGeek and TechPP, but yea I’ve tried it today and got through it, as I thought sharing this awesome tutorial with our readers might help you to Install Android on PC. Google Launched Android OS for SmartPhones as well as Tablet PCs, and now here we are about to check out the procedure about “How to Install Android on PC”.

In order to Install Android On PC, you need to follow few simple steps. Mobile Phones based on android platform always tend to deserve the best place in market and also its not only fixed to Mobiles, the Android OS is now available for Tablet PCs as well. So, if you are bored with Android OS on your Mobile or Tablet and want to try it on your PC, or notebook, here’s a procedure to experiment that guides you to Install Android on PC.

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Install Android on PC

How to Install Android on PC

  • The first step is to download android X86 and copy it on your memory card or flash drive. Scroll down and download it from the firm release section of the website, which gives an ISO file from the site(android X86 – Direct Download).
  • Your memory card or flash drive must have memory more than 256MB, and also make sure that your memory drive is free from virus.
  • You should have a Universal Netboot Installer (UNI)to run android on pc; so, before you move further, download UNI from UNetBootin site, which is compatible with all the leading Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can download your OS from UNetBootin site. <Download UNetBootin>

unetbootin-installation - Install Android on PC

  • Consider the case wherein you’ve downloaded UNI for your windows platform. All you need to do here is just insert drive in order to install android on pc.
  • UNI extracts the ISO file of OS that you downloaded and select the target disk. Now, it’ll start extracting the file from ISO and install in your disk.
  • It’ll not take much time for the flash drive to get installed with Android OS. It’ll ask you to reboot your PC; you can reboot immediately or you can close it, and can run OS whenever you want.
  • The next step is to reboot the system with flash drive to run android OS. You need to change the boot setup as “boot from Removable disk“. By default, the hard drive will be selected to reboot- press F2 to change the boot setup.
  • You can easily change in the Boot menu’s BIOS setup and then press F10 to save your changes. After doing this exit the BIOS setup. Your PC will automatically restart and show the menu in front of you with many options.


  •  You have to select the Live CD – Run Android without installation option. Finally the Android will start booting and you have to wait for a while and give it some-time to get loaded on your PC. The default app will be home screen; you can change the application according to your needs.

install android on pc
 Thus, the final view of Android will appear and in this procedure you can Install Android On PC by following few simple steps.

Youtube Video Tutorial on How to Install Android on PC

How to Use Android OS on PC?

Android gives you access to Wi-Fi, and webcam by default; you can change the app in the menu as per your need. You can always carry flash drive or memory card anywhere, but the installed apps will be erased if you try to put your removable disk into another system.

Thus, this is how you can Install Android on PC and enjoy.

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  1. To tell you the truth, one of the main reasons that I’d choose a netbook over a tablet is to avoid Android OS. This is a precise tutorial, but would you care to elaborate a bit further on the reasons why would somebody install Android on their PC?

    I understand that I’m missing the point here; I am really curious now about this!

  2. I didn,t worked on my laptop. Installation was fine, but when booted from usb it a long long time, but to no avail. wat could be the problem.

  3. It was good… can you tell us how to port android for mobile phones or where i can get the rom file…. or image file…

  4. Installing Android by live cd is a good method but you still can use android on ur PC with Android SDK manager by running an ANdroid virtual machine. Even we can have the latest Ice -cream sandwich on it.

  5. It is interesting to know that we can install android on PC…… just one confusion before trying it, may I still use my windows on my PC after installing android? Thanks in advance for your remarks.

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