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How to Fix Monitor Display problem (Frequency out-of range)

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This is one of the serious problem that arises because if you set your monitor with a high resolution with high frequency, then the monitor doesn’t display anything as it’s frequency is out of the rang or limit of the monitor’s actual resolution capacity.
What is the actual Problem that is arising over here:
Each monitor will have a limit of max frequency that is said to be the Refresh rate (for each and every resolution setting the display is refreshed.)
When high resolution is set with high frequency that is not supported by the monitor, it then display a message like “frequency out of range”. If you press ESC key within the few seconds of this setting, it will revert back to its initial resolution.

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But if you continued with the setting of same High resolution with High frequency, the monitor is not going to display anything because its frequency is out of the range.
Most of old monitors like CRT’s etc doesn’t support 1024×768 at a refresh rate greater than 60Hz.


This is How you can solve the problem:
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  • Boot in VGA mode by pressing the F8 key (the function key) during the boot-up.
  • Then Uninstall the display driver. Set the display settings, this should be setted based on the monitors supported value.
  • Restart your system and install display driver or video driver and set the required settings which are supported by your monitor.
  • Restart your system again, it will be fixed.


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  1. Thank you so much sir……. i solved my problem as per your instructions… once again thank you so much…

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    s. Bala

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