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How to configure Firefox address bar Search Engine

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Firefox address bar is not only used to open an URL, but also for searching. You can configure your address bar with various search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Wikipedia etc.
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If you enter a keyword in Firefox Address bar, it checks for whether the Keyword is valid or not, If it is valid it submits the Keyword to your Search Engine and search results are returned.

If you want to change your Search Engine from default to other, You need to configure some simple steps. By default search engine is Google (It is everyone’s first choice). Now how to change the default search engine?

  1. Type about:config in your Firefox address bar.
  2. You’ll be returned by a warning message stating, “THIS MIGHT VOID YOUR WARRANTY”
  3. Click on “I’ll be careful, I Promise!”
  4. Then in the top search bar Type “KEYWORD.URL
  5. Then Click on “KEYWORD.URL” to change its value.
  6. You are done!!

Various Search Engines:

Google Search:

Google Search with I’m Feeling Lucky:

Yahoo! Search:

Bing(Live) Search:


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  1. I just had a party, and one of my stupid friends modified that default search engine (google) of my adress bar. THANK YOU A LOT FOR SAVING HIS LIFE 🙂 and also saving my dear browser

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