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How to clean up your Windows XP

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If you wish that your computer keeps on working smoothly and with great speed then you need know about various ways to clean up Windows XP. Windows XP is preferred by numerous computer users all around the world. It is very user friendly and therefore it is loved by a large number of people. If Windows XP is not clean from inside then your computer might start giving trouble to you. Here are a few tips for cleaning your Windows XP for the better performance of your computer.

First, delete all the temporary files from your computer. Every time you open any internet website or any application in your computer, several temporary files are created in the computer. These files are of no use and they slow down the speed of Windows. In order to delete these files you should type “%temp%” in run command. After this, select all the temporary files and delete them.
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Second, after getting rid of temporary files from your computer, you need to clean Prefetch files from Windows XP. For this, you should type “prefetch” in run command. All the prefetch files should be deleted by you.

Third, in internet options, you should delete all the cookies. Cookies are stored in your computer when you open several websites and go through different web pages. It is important to delete cookies from Windows XP as they slow down the speed of internet browser.
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Fourth, you should use the option of “disk cleanup” for making some space in your hard drive. Disk cleanup is a nice option for knowing about those files which can be deleted safely from your Windows XP. You can choose the files you wish to delete. In order to use this option, you should first go to start. Then you need to go to “All Programs”. After that open “Accessories”. In Accessories you will get the option of “Disk Cleanup”.

Last, if you have an issue of space on your hard disk then you may also use the option of “disk defragmentation”. It helps in bringing fragmented files and folders together at one place in your computer.

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