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How to change your IP address

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There are many methods for changing your IP address and many softwares which automatically change your IP address but many of them doesn’t work with your PC.

There are two types of IP’s provide by ISP(Internet Service Provider) they are  Static IP and Dynamic IP as you all know that static IP is a constant IP which doesn’t changes for long durations and Dynamic IP is the one which changes according to the lease time given by your ISP.

What is an IP address?


An internet Protocol(IP) address is a numerical label assigned to the systems  that are participating in a computer network. Using this IP address systems connect with each other for sharing info. IP address indicates the address of the system.
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In properties of your network connection you can see two versions of internet protocol they are IPv4(32-bit) and IPv6(128-bit). IPv4 is the version which is being used currently by everyone and IPv6 is the developed version of IPv4 with 128-bit address. IP address is actually stored as a binary number but they are displayed in form of numbers for example

Now, Let’s get into the different  procedures used to change IP

As you all know to change the IP address of a dynamic IP connection turn off your modem or router and turn it back,but this method doesn’t work with static IP’s.

There is a method to change IP address if it is an external IP. Now you may get a doubt that what is this external IP. An external IP address is the unique identifier assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), in this your connection is direct and you will get public IP this may be static or dynamic.

This trick is for Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

  1. Click on Start
  2. Open command prompt(or just click windows button+R)
  3. Type cmd and click OK
  4. Type the command ipconfig/release and press enter
  5. Click on Start-> Control Panel-> then open Network Connections and go for properties of your LAN
  6. Now double click on Internet protocol version 4(because version6 is not yet being used )
  7. Check use the following IP address
  8. Enter a false IP
  9. Next comes subnet mask which will be automatically filled.
  10. Press OK for 2 times
  11. Right click on the active Local Area Connection again and go to Properties
  12. Open Internet Protocol version 4
  13. Now check obtain an IP address automatically
  14. press OK for two times
  15. Now your IP address is changed.

For Vista users to open LAN, Go to Network and Sharing center in Control Panel and click on manage network connections or change adapter settings.
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    • Siddartha

      @Sundeep hahaha yea Sundeep even I thought the same after checking the title. What if im hacked :P. its better for me to backup all the files initially. As i already got the hacking news from one of my friend, who’s site is hacked 🙁

  1. nice information dude but when my IP is dynamically changing how can i fixed to an static one?can u give the clarity

  2. oh nice question dude…but we cannot change our dynamic IP to static IP,for that you have to consult your ISP provider….ohh dude there is a small trick to convert dyanamic IP into a static one i.e. u should not switch off your modem for eternity…:P…jus kidding but that is the only trick i know

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