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How to Change Function Key Behaviour in Laptop

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I use a Dell Inspiron Laptop. The default association Dell function keys is Multimedia Keys first. For example: Some operations like increase or decrease Brightness or Volume. But it is bit messy because I am used to pressing ALT+F4 for closing any program, F5 for refresh but in my Inspiron Laptop I should press ALT+Fn+F4 keys to close any programs, Fn+F5 to refresh.

So, I started searching for solutions, tried two to three software but they are bit tricky to use. But later I came to know that We can also change its functionality in BIOS. Yes! In BIOS. Here is the process.

So, How to Change your Laptop Function Key Functionality?

1. Press F2 button when you see Dell Logo at the start up, You’ll enter into BIOS.
2. Navigate to Advanced Settings > Function Key Behavior.
3. You’ll see its default value as MULTIMEDIA KEY FIRST.
4. Change it to FUNCTION KEY FIRST.
5. Save settings by pressing F10, You are done!
If you have any doubts, post them in comments section BELOW!

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17 Comments to How to Change Function Key Behaviour in Laptop

  1. How can you change it in the BIOS when you need to change first to change to F2 before switching off, in order to enter the BIOS at start up? Pressing F2 to enter BIOS turns on the wireless site. So I need to change it to F2 in the BIOS but I can’t get in the BIOS coz I haven’t got a F2 button!!!

  2. Madhusudhan chary

    There is a much more simpler way to do this without entering into BIOS settings.

    Just go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Adjust commonly used mobility settings -> Fn Key Behavior

    Change it to “Function key”

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