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How to Backup Android Contacts [Ultimate List]

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backup android contacts
There are various ways that helps us to backup Android Contacts and in this post, I’ll be showing you various ways with which you can easily backup your android contacts. Here I’d like to compare Android’s Backup handling with iPhone. Apple developed an in-built application that which can backup the contacts or any media from iPhone to our PC and we can transfer them to our latest devices directly. But, in case of Android, the scene is bit different, because Android uses the cloud-based approach. But there are many possible ways with which we can easily backup Android Contacts.

We are going to discuss about various ways with which we can backup android contacts like Backup Android Contacts to PC, SD Card, Gmail, Cloud, and other ways. We’ve tested few ways and made a list of successful ways which we are going to share in this post.

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Generally the need for us to backup our contacts is to transfer them to our new device or your mobile might get crashed or other peculiar reasons that which demands us to backup our contacts.


How to Backup Android Contacts

#1. Backup Android Contacts to SD Card or your SIM Card

  • It is one of the easiest way that helps us to backup our contacts to our Device’s microSD card or we can also backup them in our SIM Card.
  • Open your Contacts page -> Tap on the Menu Button -> Tap on Import/Export option.
  • Now you’ll see 5 options over here: Import Contacts from SIM, Export Contacts to SIM, Import Contacts from SD Card, Export Contacts to SD Card.
  • You need to select, Export Contacts to SIM or Export contacts to SD card. It might take few minutes to export all your android contacts to your SD Card or SIM Card. I recon, this is most primary level of taking backup of our Android Contacts.
  • You can also export these contacts from your SD card to Cloud storage systems like Dropbox, Box.net, etc., for further security, which help you to retrieve your contacts, if you lose your mobile.

#2. Backup Android Contacts to PC

  • We’ve used an application called “VeryAndroid Contacts Backup” in order to take the backup of our contacts. Download VeryAndroid Contacts Backup.
  • Download and Install VeryAndroid Contacts Backup onto your PC. Initially, you have to connect your Android Device with your PC and run the software(PC Tool). After starting the software, you have to enter the account name and click on enter.
  • Now, click on Menu Tab and Select Sync option and then click on Backup Contacts with Android.
  • Finally, all your Android Device’s contacts will be saved on to your PC. Using this application, you can also manage those contacts on your PC.

#3. Other Applications to Backup Android Contacts.

Today, I also tried to backup my android contacts to Gmail, but somehow I failed to backup my existing contacts into my Gmail account and ended-up with messing my Contact-List. Somehow, I’ve restored my Contact list, as I’ve taken backup using Method-1 as I’ve uploaded my contacts list to Box.net.

Hope, you’ve enjoyed reading our article on How to Backup Android Contacts.

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  1. thanks for your info..i’m a nubie for android device. I’ve saved all my valuable contacts now.

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    Nice article, I must tell about Backup Caretaker. An android app having facility to android contacts backup other than sms, mms and many more. Do chcek it , it’s totally free.

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