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How to Amplify a Landline Telephone

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Land-line telephones come integrated with small speakers at one end and microphone on the other. The volume from the handset speaker, if at maximum is loud enough to hear and it is audible to normal person. A person who has hearing issues will definitely find difficultly in hearing the voice at the other end. You need to learn how to amplify a landline telephone for fixing the issue.


Initially, you need to open the battery compartment of the landline phone amplifier and install the batteries as per the instructions present in the guide. You need to replace the plastic cover after battery installation.

Unplug the handset cord from the landline phone base. Handset cord is also referred to as spiral cord, which connects handsets to telephone base. Gigaset phones are excellent for this purpose.

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You need to hold modular connector, which is unplugged from the base and then plugged into the jack, which is marked as “handset” at the side of amplifier.

Now, hold the telephone patch cord that is attached to the amplifier and also plug the modular connector to the left jack that is vacant when you unplug the handset cord from base.

Turn the amplifier by pressing “On” or “Boost” button, and you can get to hear the dial tone. Now, adjust the knob associated with the volume to get the desired volume.

How Telephone Amplifier Looks?

Inline amplifier present in the telephone looks small. It is a box-like device that comes with a volume control. It is also attached to the telephone cord with handset cord plugged into receiver for necessary amplification. The specially made amplified landline phone for hearing loss will be in the size of office phone.

These phones will provide significant amplification that also often assists you in making clearer calls as well as easier for understanding.

Best inline Amplifier

In-line Amplifier CE225 is one of the best landline amplifiers. It is compatible with business as well as home phones. The volume can be adjusted up to 15dB. Pushing the boost button on the amplifier provides 13dB of additional amplification. It runs on couple of AAA batteries, which is already included in the package.

When setting up the amplifier, if you see built-in volume control, make sure that it is always turned to CE225. If outgoing voice is distorted when CE225 is attached, it indicates that the amplifier is not well-suited with phone system.

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