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How to Sync iPhone to New Computer without losing data

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sync iphone to new computer
In this article, we are going to check out how to sync iPhone to New Computer without losing data. I ain’t aware of the fact that, if our iPhone isn’t synchronized with iTunes on our new or other computer, while connecting these devices we will be compromised to forget the data in our iPhone as iTunes forces us to sync it’s data ahead of existing data in our iPhone. I’m having my own PC that is synchronized with iTunes and everything looked pretty easy until I got a new PC.

The other day, I was trying to sync iPhone to New computer and the iTunes kept on buzzing the same pop-up window with same message “Your iPhone isn’t Synced with iTunes, would you like to Sync…. You might lose your iPhone’s data” sort of thing, which really annoyed me. I was like oh man, why isn’t it possible to sync iPhone with new computer without losing data and I started trying-out for solutions. One of my friend claimed that it isn’t possible to sync iPhone on new computer and only solution to sync it, is to lose my iPhone’s data as I wasn’t ready to do it. I tried few possible methods in order to achieve what I was actually searching for, but got succeeded partially.

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sync iphone to new computer without losing data

I’ve searched on many websites to find-out solution for my question and finally my effort worked, thanks to OSXDaily and I found a working way that helped me to sync iPhone with new computer without losing data and I’m going to share it with you.

How to Sync iPhone with New Computer without losing data

Generally while connecting iPhone to our Computers, it gets synchronized with the iTunes which sorts the files like music, photos, videos, books, etc., which are existing in the iTunes library. But, after you install fresh iTunes in your new computer, you’ll obviously have any empty iTunes library. If you try to sync it with your iPhone, you’ll end-up with losing all your data. So, your prime duty is to transfer your iTunes Library from your Old Computer to New Computer, which might take few hours and better results can be achieved if you’ve done it under home sharing option. If you don’t Sync iPhone to New Computer, you might end-up with losing all data and but before synchronizing it will show the following message.

sync iphone with new computer

Not to forget, Apple considering the following aspects have introduced backup option by naming it as iCloud which allows you to backup your device’s data by Synchronizing with the Cloud and this feature works only on devices running above iOS 5 or above.

How to Sync iPhone to New Computer without losing Data.

  •  Make sure you copy the following directories of your Old PC to your New PC.

sync iphone with new itunes

  • Since you are using new PC, if you are having different usernames for both Old and New Computers, then replace the Username with the actual user account name of your New System and also make sure that you check your main drive.
  • The Backup location of Windows 7 generally exists at following location.

sync iphone to new computer location

  • Finally, after doing the following stuff, you need to connect your iPhone with your new system and launch iTunes. It should Synchronize normally without any problem. Just authorize iTunes with your new PC and proceed.
  • You might ask, as we are having iCloud, what is the need for copying these directories. Well again, if you are making use of iCloud, you can just copy the backup but in order to save all your iTunes data, you must copy the directories.

Thus, in this way you can Sync iPhone to New Computer without losing data and I hope you’ll secure your data after going through this tutorial and post your views about your experience in the comment section below.

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  1. This is really useful information. I know people struggle with the loss of data like that a lot. Paying for music means you want to keep it forever, just like you would a CD. So catering to the people who desperately need this tool is great.

  2. I can sync without problem because for some reason, it lets me sync just the apps. However, if I try to sync something else (music, books etc), I get the same message as before telling me to erase and sync. Doesn’t this mean I’ll lose everything? Messages and all.

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