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How to Get Paid Android apps for Free

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If you are searching to get download and install paid android apps for free on your device, then we’d advice you that it is purely illegal to try that out, because most of the Android Apps don’t even cost like 1 to 2 cents and I admit they worth paying for. We strictly suggest you to buy the applications on the Android Market a.k.a Google Play Store by not insulting the hard work of the developers. The reason for me to write this post on How to Get Paid Android Apps for Free is just for informational purpose and we sincerely apologize, if this hurts anybody.

There are millions of free applications that are existing in the Google Play store for almost every purpose that you could use your Android Device for, at the same time we are also having few paid applications that provides even better features. Some of the paid applications are allowing us to download their free sample versions in order to get the brief idea about working of their applications. You should be having self-respect for yourself, not to use others work for free. But, again I admit the only reason for me to write this article on How to get Paid android apps for free is just for information purpose.

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paid android apps for free

In order to get Paid Android Apps for free, we are having couple of procedures that which we are going to discuss in this article.

  • 4shared.com
  • Applanet or Blackmarket applications.

While using the Paid Android Applications for free on your Device, make sure these consequences can happen.

  • Your Device might get slow down.
  • Virus and malware attacks.
  • Severe impact on your device’s performance.
  • No updates and the app might stop working any time.

How to Get Paid Android Apps for Free.

#1. 4Shared.com

Getting the paid android apps for free from 4shared.com is one of the best ways than downloading them using applications like Applanet or Blackmarket apps because most of these applications are highly corrupted and you won’t be able to enjoy complete juice of premium applications.

In order to get, download and install paid android apps for free on your Android device from 4shared.com, you have to follow these simple steps.

  • It is pretty easy and effective way. You just have to open 4shared.com website and then you have to type the name of the premium android application with .apk extension and click on search button.

4shared android app

  • Then, it displays the list of download files that are available, and you have to find out the application version that is pretty close to current version of the application and download it on your PC.
  • After downloading, you need to transfer that application onto your Android Device and make sure you note down the location of that application.
  • Then, launch the file explorer applications of your Android device like Astro, and switch to the location of that file and just install it on your device. That is it, you can now enjoy paid android apps for free.

P.S – Most of the file sharing websites that host premium application files might contact virus or other malwares which might completely corrupt your device. So, we strictly suggest you to try this out with your own wish are we still encourage you to buy the paid android applications from the Google Playstore.

#2.  Applanet or Blackmarket Alpha applications

The two applications helps us to get paid android apps for free, and they just work like cydia for iOS based devices. Of course using these applications, you might not enjoy entire functionality and free updates of the applications. Many users complain that, both these softwares show complete black screen while launching applications, at times and Blackmarket Alpha is slightly better option ahead of Applanet, despite of being popular.

  • The working of both these Applications are pretty much the same in order to get paid android apps for free.
  • You just need to download and install “Applanet or Blackmarket Alpha” applications on to your Android Device.
  • After installing, you’ll see the icons of “Applanet or Blackmarket Alpha” that is slightly similar to Google Play store.
  • And now, you just need to launch these applications and search for the paid android apps to get them for free onto your device.
Thus, in this way you can get, download and install paid android apps for free. But, using these applications might completely ruin the working of your device. We are not responsible for any consequences, as we strictly encourage you to buy the official applications from Google Play Store which is pretty safe and reliable. I’ve written this article, just for informational purpose and I hope you’ve enjoyed our article on How to Get Paid Android Apps for Free and stay tuned for more updates.


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5 Comments to How to Get Paid Android apps for Free

  1. Well researched Post, We do need to respect countless hours of Developers effort by paying for the app. And i also understand few people cannot pay for the app can utilize this feature until it lasts. Google play must tighten the security layers like licenses, serial keys

  2. Really Nice Post becoz every one like to get premium apps for free including me.But the Disadvantage cannot be ignore.So if you love your Mobile go and buy from google play instead of getting It for free which could harm your phone

  3. I agree.There are certain risk when downloading application from ‘pirated market’. Hackers can easily put virus inside an application and it’s not even filtered. But let do a reality check, how many people know this fact and how many more still downloading it.

  4. Many a times people love the free version of any premium app but don’t wanna spend few bucks buying it so they look to get it for free, for this 4shared is best

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