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How I made $769 with Google AdSense in a day

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Google Adsense has been the consistent money maker for this blog. We have previously discussed some articles on, How to make money with Google Adsense.  Making money by optimizing your ads by changing the Ad location, Ad unit colors, etc etc.,

If you don’t have Adsense, You can apply for the program it here. Follow all the tips we give on Making Money Online, just by subscribing to our feeds. Coming to the point, How I made $769 in a day with Adsense, I have applied all the techniques we discussed here. And there’s a result.

How I made $769 with Google AdSense

Just follow all the tips we give here to make maximum income out of adsense.

Earnings Proof

Can you Make Money like me?

Yes, ofcourse. Just subscribe to GadgetCage feeds and read on this post fully.

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By the way, Did you forget anything? Today is Fool’s Day!!

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    • Siddartha

      hope u have enjoyed it. hahahahaha. Thnx for you comment. Welcome to GadgetCage. Stay Tuned for more updates..

  1. Hey

    For a sec I thought this would be a long 2k word post explaining the complete method that made you $769.

    This is really Funny. hahaha. Thnx for shaing.

    • Siddartha

      hi karan thnx a lot. Glad you liked it. Welcome to GadgetCage. Stay tuned for more updates.

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