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How can you get iPhone Lockscreen for Android Device

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Are you wondering how to get iPhone Lockscreen for Android Mobile? If you feel bored of your normal Android Lockscreen, here is an awesome application that enables you to get iPhone Lockscreen for Android Device. The Android device offers many ways to secure our data by making use of Lockscreen patterns like Sliders, Pattern, Password and many more.

Generally, in order to change the Lockscreen pattern of your Android Device you need to follow these steps.

  • Applications -> Settings -> Location and Security -> Set Screen Lock -> Select whatever pattern you’d like to use to Unlock your device.

Well, excluding these default options, if you are willing to encrypt some new Lockscreens on your Android device that which creates iPhone’s environment, then you must have MagicLocker Main application.

iPhone lockscreen for android

MagicLocker Main

iPhone’s “Slide to Unlock” is one of the revolutionary lockscreen and if you are interested in having that lockscreen on your Android Device, the MagicLocker Main does that job for you. Including the iPhone’s slide to unlock, you’d be having another theme “Lost Robot” which adds additional flavor. It is one of the trending Android applications available in the market currently.

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iPhone lockscreen for android

These are the 2 Default Skins that MagicLocker brings for us and if you are interested in trying out few more, you can get them from Android Market.

After Installing the application on to your device, you’ll find the following thing.

iPhone lockscreen for android

You can choose one of your favorite skins and after applying your favorite iPhone Lockscreen for Android Device, you need to Press the power button which obviously locks your device. Now press on the Power button once again which displays your favorite iPhone Lockscreen for your Android Device.

Not to forget, in order to provide us the complete iPhone Lockscreen experience, while charging your device(regardless via charger or USB) this application will display the battery graphic in the background which you’ll find in iPhone while charging makes it really interesting. You can also activate your Mobile, send message or use camera and also other exciting shortcuts directly from your Lockscreen.

Despite of few bugs in the application, the developers as working to rectify them to provide best possible experience for the users. The LostRobot theme seems to be having a  small issue as my device becomes unresponsive at times. Hope your’ve enjoyed our article on How to Get iPhone Lockscreen for Android Device, share your views after using this application in the comment section below.

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