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How can you get Android Lockscreen for iPhone [Jailbroken]

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Okay, folks now we are going to check out how we can get Android Lockscreen for iPhone. In our previous post, we’ve discussed about getting iPhone Lockscreen for Android and now we are going to deal about getting Android Lockscreen for iPhone. iPhone Slider is one of the most famous Lockscreens that are existing currently and surprisingly, Android or Windows Phone 7 or Blackberry users are crazy about having that stylish iDevice lockscreen on their devices.

Android OS offers great deal of Lockscreens like Pattern, Slider, PIN, Passwords and many more. Well, iPhone is also having very few Lockscreen options like Slider and Password, and if you are interested in experiencing Android Lockscreen varieties on your iDevice to increase your Lockscreen options, there are certain steps that you need to follow in order to enjoy the possibilities.

Okay folks before moving forward, please note that this article is written by keeping iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices in mind. I’ll be using the term iPhone only for user readability, so please consider it.

P.S – This tweak is applicable for only Jailbreak Devices.

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Android Lockscreen for iPhone

I hope you are ready to Unlock your iDevice like other Android Devices. In order to do this, you need to make use of AndroidLock application which you can download on to your iPhone and use your favorite Android Lockscreens for iPhone. It is one of the most rarest things that iDevelopers got inspired with some feature of Android and developed that for iDevice.

You can download this application for your Jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch or iPad from Cydia for free of cost from Bigboss or Zmaster repository and all you need to do is just to type the source as “Android Lock”.

After installing Android Lock onto your device you need to follow a couple of steps to finish the settings.

  • Settings -> Android Lock -> Set to your favorite pattern Lockscreen -> Set Lockscreen Sequence

Android Lockscreen for iPhone

Android Lock App is available in both premium and free version.

  1. Android Lock XT – Premium (costs $1.99) from ModMyi Repository
  2. Android Lock – Free from Zmaster or BigBoss Repository

Thus, in this way you can get Android Lockscreen for iPhone, users are suggested to share their views after trying out this application in the comment section below.

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