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Google Vs (Microsoft + Yahoo) It’s On!

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The rival and the competition between Global Giants Google and Microsoft is increasing day by day.
In the mean while Yahoo another Giant also wanted to contribute some help to Microsoft, so that both Microsoft and Yahoo were combined together to raise the pressure on the Google. Lets see, How Google is going to survive this war against it’s competitors.

How this Rivalry started:

Coming to the actual story, Google started functioning not a very long ago, year 1996, to be precise. Not many would have thought that it will take over the web market, but it did.
Microsoft is a very old player in this game. Its Operating Systems are doing well in the market. It was never wary of such a threat as Google, because by the time Google took birth, MS had already spread its empire over a greater part of computer world. But unprecedented growth of Google has now knocked MS off its sleep.

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Google which was an unknown entity few years back has now become a major web service provider, worldwide.
All this in such a short time: all kudos to Google’s hard working team. Google has become worldwide preferred search engine, leaving Microsoft’s Live search nowhere.
It is a known fact that Google Occupies nearly 64% of the web services followed by Microsoft with 18% and next Yahoo with 8%.

But Google Being the major web service provider with-in a short span, Doesn’t want to satisfy with it’s efforts, it even want to spread it’s Dominancy from Web World to the Computer world also.

Google is now aiming at Microsoft’s crown jewels, that is, it is now attempting to take a lion’s share of the Operating System’s market. By launching Chrome OS, it will be directly declaring a war against Microsoft.
It launched an explorer few months back, named Google Chrome, which was once again a hit amongst the users. It was pitted against Microsoft’s Internet explorer 7, but lost out to Chrome because of its light weight and speed.
Microsoft was not able to bear Google’s Dominance in WebWorld tried too many things but failed to spread it’s dominance in WebWorld eventually Microsoft also started loosing it’s grip in Computer world as google introduced Chrome and other Computer services.
After grand success of Windows XP, Microsoft didn’t received any huge successes like XP. Microsoft’s most prestigious project Vista ended in grand failure. Google cashed it and started concentrating on computer services.
Till Now we haven’t find any role of Yahoo in this combat. But it was the Yahoo, who lost everything. Yahoo tried everything to get the throne of WebWorld. But because of the Combat between Microsoft and Google, it couldn’t withstand to it’s capacity.
We can sense the Dominancy of Google in WebWorld, Microsoft in Computer World, Yahoo trying to handover these thrones.

Last month, we brought you news that Yahoo is in a battle of being absorbed into either Microsoft or Google, directly creating two titan rivals of the Internet. Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo, but Yahoo isn’t interested. Now it seems the battle gets messy.
Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Balmer, has sent a letter to the Yahoo Board of Directors informing them if they do not accept his offer to buy over Yahoo, Microsoft will take the offer to Yahoo’s investors and shareholders, and maybe even kicking out the current BoD. In other words, Microsoft is going to buy Yahoo via a Hostile Takeover.
This effectively leaves Google as the lone giant to fight the upcoming Microsoft-Yahoo titan. How this will affect Yahoo users, we will have to wait and see when Microsoft barges into Yahoo, wipes out the BoD, and assimilates Yahoo.

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