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Google TV: A New Era of Television Experience

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Google TV
Google is introducing TV which is very different from other TV’s available in market. According to normal television, we have to first search for our favorite program it’s timings and we may have to postpone our programs to watch that program, which is very irritating.

So due to this problems many of them are migrating to P.C’s for their TV shows because, now a days everything was available on the web  and we can watch it at anytime by just typing the name that gives hundreds of options.
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But our P.C monitors are not so larger like TV sets due to this we are missing the fun of watching our favorite show on a big screen. So keeping this factors in mind Google raised the curtains for new era of TV which can access web by itself called as Google TV.


Some of the new models will get a built in option of accessing web and other will have a separate modem like thing which helps in connecting to the web.

It’s working is very simple right on your TV screen you will get an address bar and there you can type anything you want and Google TV will find it out for you.

It will act like a browser you can find videos from youtube and other websites, you can also bookmark the videos that you like on your home screen so that you can access them whenever you want without any searching and you can also do many other things like shopping, social networking, photo uploading, messaging etc. It will make your TV lot more smarter and easier.

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9 Comments to Google TV: A New Era of Television Experience

  1. yep dude…they will provide the connection..instead of paying large amount for dish tv’s etc etc…we can invest it on google tv…becoz google rocks 😛

  2. Its an interesting initiative by Google but it can only succeed after most of web users gain access to broadband internet! Google tv will bring a new revolution as to how we watch tv. Google will also get huge advertising revenue from it. I think with Google TV, since it will be Open source next year, we will see a lot of different pricing and competition.

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