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Google launches it’s URL shortener!

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Google is, surprisingly, taking it’s URL shortening business very seriously. It had launched this feature via it’s toolbar last year. But on 30th Sept. 2010, it has announced through it’s blog the launch of a separate site for this service. The site’s url would be http://goo.gl . It is intended to be fast, efficient and lean. Apart from all these features google has tried to give its trademark simplicity to the site. URL shortening business has been seeing stiff competition lately which is meant to get tougher. Lets compare google’s service with the existing URL shortening sites which are very famous.


My favourite in http://bit.ly/ . It’s surprisingly fast, clean and yet is fun to use. Once you paste your URL to shorten, it automatically copies to the browser’s clipboard. You don’t separately need to to copy it  and then paste.

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A simple ‘paste’ would give you the desired URL wherever you want. Apart from that, it is also customisable. For example, when i shortened the URL forhttp://www.himanshushekhar.com/2010/10/jai-jawan-jai-kisaan.html/, which was written on Lal Bahadur Shatri,  I customised the shortened link as http://bit.ly/shastrijee , so that i could remember it with ease. Bit.ly also tracks down the clicks on the link you have posted but to be honest, it needs more work for this feature.

Then comes ‘Tinyurl’. One of the first such sites and has the beginner’s edge over all others. It’s website proudly states, “Making over a billion long URLs usable! Serving billions of redirects per month.” A simple and easy to use site, using tinyurl is a nobrainer and that is it’s USP. Apart from that there is not much to say about tinyurl. As far as the ‘looks’ go, Tinyurl is not a ‘Cindrella’ but it performs the function efficiently for which it was made.

Goo.gl will try to take the advantage of its brilliant analytical features which gives you real time accurate data. Real time stats when combined with google’s trust may just be the game changer in this industry but i feel google needs to take it’s game up by a notch if it wants to outrank others. Customisable shortening is not available, neither is it any different from other shortners for the time being. But one can never be sure about something which come from the bag of ‘google’!!
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