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Google Instant – Smart and Easy search

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Internet is a world with large volumes of data. Volumes of data is added everyday to the existing data and the search for the right information becomes difficult. It is estimated that , in future ( in short period) data  storage will be more than one million times the data stored today. The main problem with this growth is how to search for exact information needed.  Searching of data should be made easy and user friendly.

Google announced “Google Instant” a  user friendly searching that displays the outcomes of the query before a user finishes typing it.


The main reason that  users type slowly and read quickly taking about 300 milliseconds between keystrokes and only 30 milliseconds to have an overview of the page and solve the query faster. This might have lead to the development of Google Instant. The main advantage is it completes the  query automatically that matches your search and no need to  hit enter or click search.
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You can stop typing  when you see the text in gray color if that matches your query or can find out it from drop-down box  and when you select any of the quires from the drop down box the results automatically changes. This feature saves valuable time  of user. Google made use of a predictive algorithm that predicts the query what we are typing and displays the results. For example if “W” is pressed it completes the query predicting  to be weather and displays the local weather details.

In short the key features are

  • It predicts the rest of the query before you finish typing.
  • It dynamically displays the results as you type.
  • By selecting the queries below can see  the results instantly.

Each and every product  released  has its own advantages and disadvantages. Even development in technology is not exempted. Google Instant also has positive and negative aspects of the idea. Some of them are.

  • The first and the most primary aspect is that it saves time for searching the stuff in internet.
  • It makes search easier.
  • Inspite of saving time it also wastes time that could deviate the user by the predictions and read an article that you are not looking for.
  • Another negative aspect is that it cannot be accessible like Google  from everywhere.

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This service is provided to signed in users and to for users in US, UK Italy, France , Russia, Germany and Spain supporting Google Chrome v5, Firefox v3, IE8 and Safari v5. It is to be extended in few months. Google Instant is now available for PCs and for the mobiles to be released shortly.

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