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Google buys Remail : iPhone Search Application

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reMail is an iPhone search application acquired by Google. In order to lead the Apple iPhone’s Domination, it is said to be the new step from Google. reMail is a e-mail client for iPOhne OS. reMail, which made an iPhone app that Google will be discontinuing, provided comprehensive email search for email and IMAP accounts even in offline mode.
What is reMail?
reMail was started by Gabor Cseller in November 2008. Cselle has been working on email development for several years: He did email research in grad school, and was the VP Engineering at Xobni and built Gmail features while at Google. Cselle has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich.
Will reMail live again?
Cselle and Google aren’t saying what the fate of reMail might be. Some are suggesting reMail could be integrated into Gmail search or live on in some form as a part of Android, Google’s mobile platform.
Cselle said that he will be rejoining Google in Mountain View as a product manager on the Gmail team. He said that Google was “the best place in the world to improve the status quo on how people communicate and share information.”
However this is where it all gets a bit darker. Google is going to discontinue Remail’s Iphone application, and it has already been removed from Apple’s App Store.
As a result of the deal, the reMail iPhone application will be discontinued, and it has already been removed from Apple’s App Store. Existing reMail users who have the application on their iPhones or iPod touches will continue to be able to use the app, however. reMail will continue to support users through the end of March 2010, and users can activate all paid features—like support for IMAP and Rackspace accounts—by clicking “Restore Purchases” inside the application.
But why bother? The first thing suggests that this sends a message to Steve Jobsin the rivalry between Google and Apple.
It was observed that Remail was better that the native email application and this means that the Iphone is going to be just that little more crap without it.
Google’s plans for reMail and Cselle remain unclear: some reMail customers upset about the acquisition and discontinuation of the application have speculated Google bought reMail merely to squash it, since it arguably made the iPhone a better Gmail client than Google’s own efforts.
However, it’s equally plausible that Google sees reMail’s technology as a way to improve Gmail for all mobile users—especially those in the Android ecosystem.

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