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Get Your Own Facebook E-Mail ID

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Recently, Facebook started rolling out it’s whole new Social Inbox feature to the public. In case you didn’t get yours this article will guide you to apply for an invitation. Just follow these steps and you will get your @facebook.com email id in a couple of days, late to late maybe 3 weeks.

  • If you don’t have a Facebook Username, get one here. Your email id will be <your username>@facebook.com. So, your username is important.
  • Next you’ll need to apply for an invitation here. When your invitation is ready, Facebook will send you a notification.
  • After getting a notification, Facebook will guide you step by step to configure your Facebook Mail. You will have to configure your phone number so that your friends can send you a message directly to your phone.
  • After configuring all this your own Facebook Mail will be ready to use and you can send emails across any domains through your @facebook.com email id.

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Now you may want to know whats so new and special in Facebook Mail. Read on

  • Your own personalized @facebook.com mail id.
  • Send and receive emails just like any other email service out there.
  • Facebook felt that there was no need for the subject line and people just used to fill it with “Hi” or “Hello” so they removed it.
  • No “Send” button press “Enter” and the message is sent. You have the option to toggle between having a send button or not. It’s entirely upon you.
  • Attach a file, a picture or a video from a webcam.
  • Receive emails on your phone free.
  • Now all your chatlogs will be saved in your Facebook Inbox. To know more, click here.

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Now that you know the process, what are you waiting for. Just click here to apply for an invitation.

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9 Comments to Get Your Own Facebook E-Mail ID

    • @Samuel Yea i accept its over 2 month old, but I have noticed still many people din have their own Id’s. So thought of sharing this simple trick with them 🙂

    • Uh… Buddy actually you are a bit wrong, two months before Facebook announced that “THEY WILL BE ROLLING OUT THE FEATURE IN A NEAR TIME” and recently they sent invitations to only some 100ppl and only they are using the feature right now… See the second last para and go to the link given there u will get more info and some pics of which you can feel what FB inbox feels like…

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