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Get Extra Security for Your PC with New Advanced SystemCare 4

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Caring for the Computer is now a common topic because Computers are prone to errors and security problems more often. The best tool to have with you is IObit Advanced System Care. Now the latest version, Advance System Care 4 is released out, we can be really happy with the improvements made to the 4th version. I am reviewing the product to help you get the most of the new features in it and highlight many awesome features that are saturated within Advance System Care 4.

The New Interface


The interfaces have been improved a lot and we can get a quick summary of everything from the homescreen. Comparing with the simplicity embed in the screen you can tell that it’s easy to learn and use even for new user. Looking at the Advance System Care 3 interface, I was bit worried because it took me a while to get the most of it. But this version has improved many the user experience. IObit put this in their own words as

Instead of having too many buttons and links in one place that may make you a little bit confused with where to start in version 3, Advanced SystemCare 4 adopted with an intuitive and stylish design…

More than just the new interfaces IObit grants the users to use skins to improve the design of their product. I saw 11 skins of the product and they all look really awesome.



Engine Improved

IObit has improved the Advance System Care engine and it’s working in all 4 cylinders. I can tell that because I had the version 3 installed and I thought their won’t be any errors and problems to be found with the version 4. But out of curiosity I pressed the scan button and guess what I found. Voila~


So I agree with IObit with their improved engine theory. Advance System Care 4 focuses more into security and privacy protection of users. This is a great tool just because of that main point.

10 One Click Scan Options

New Advance System Care 4 is capable of searching for 10 security and system problems with just one click. Advance System Care 3 supported only 8 options. The newly added options are Vulnerability Fix and Disk Scan. Vulnerability Fix is to fix the little problems Operative systems have inbuilt them. This will give us a healthy OS. Disk Scan is to scan Hard Disk errors such as bad sectors and many other disk issues.

Awesome Turbo Boost

The Turbo boost featured in Advance System Care 4 is much powerful than the version 3. The old version didn’t do much for me in the sense. What I did was I monitored the system status and compared after the Turbo Mood is on. But I did free the RAM with the Advance System Care 4 tools.

Before :


After :


In my opinion this is great because now all the  the main system components are improved. Turbo Boost is really useful if you want to do work with let’s say Fireworks, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and ontop of that having a Local Host server running(like Glassfish).

System Status

If you wondered from where I got the above screenshot. It’s from the Advance System Care 4 inbuilt gadget. It sits on the screen and monitors the system silently. It also grades the system status. You can quickly run a scan with Advance System Care 4 if you notice a sudden drop of performance.

The Toolbox

The new toolbox is better stuffed than before and it has 20 tools to help you out.


So go ahead and play with the tools and get to know them better. Then you’ll be using them effectively in no time.

So what are you waiting for. Go get your hands on the IObit Advance System Care 4 now and enjoy the greatness of it.

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  1. Gosh I don’t know it is updated! I have to say its interface looks much more nicer than advanced system care 3. The previous ones looks unprofessional even though it works amazingly. Anyway, this freeware is awesome and you hardly can find a better one. One of my favorite besides Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware 😀

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