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7 Best Ways to Get Backlinks To Your Blog/Website – Part 1

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In this article, we are going to deal with best techniques to Get Backlinks to your Website/blog. Backlinks are having great importance in SEO as most of the ranking structure of the Search Engines rely on Building Backlinks. So, its the prime duty of the Webmaster to Get backlinks from the Quality Sites.

Building links to your website or blog is one of the best ways of creating an authority to your web pages, and this is the one that influences search engine rankings based on the number of sites that links to yours. The fact is when more number of backlinks is there for your websites there will be visible increase in traffic to your pages gradually.

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Find here seven different ways to increase your backlinks and as usual I am going to discuss the ways in two series. Here is the first of the two.

7 Best Ways to Get Backlinks for Your Website

#1. Blog Commenting to Get Backlinks

  1. When you comment on other blogs you will find that they are great sources to get backlinks and especially it is good when you comment on do-follow blogs.
  2. It is always good to leave your comment on high authority blogs which will give more authority.
  3. Try to use your keywords when leaving a comment but do not spam other blogs.

#2. Link exchanges to Get Backlinks

  1. Sky is the limit for creating outbound links and this is the best way and the most common way to increase your backlinks.
  2. Always keep an eye on the links going away as more number will harm your site.

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#3. Social Bookmarking is the best way to Get Backlinks

  1. Social Media is a powerful way to discuss that you have a blog article written and that you are open for others to read and comment on them.
  2. Learn to bookmark others contents and Let them know as they will also in turn will bookmark your content, if you could create good plans for them.
  3. Some of the best Social Bookmarking media are delicious.com and digg.com.
  4. When you bookmark a page of yours on these sites, it automatically goes as a link, not with your anchor but still counted as a link. These high value links are always helpful.
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Get Backlinks for Better SEO Results Using Social Media

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#4. Write Press release Notes to Get Quality Backlinks

  1. Write effective press releases that will tell about events in your business and website.
  2. Also include a link to your website and release these press releases in some of the most popular website for press releases, like prweb.com.

5. Squidoo Page is Ultimate source to Get Backlinks

  1. You need not be a tech savvy to develop a Squidoo page as it is very easy to create one if you have the time.
  2. These kinds of pages are authoritative and if you do not have the time there are people who are making money by doing these kinds of services for you.
  3. All you need to do is develop a page using drag and drop values and modules.
  4. These pages are not very stringent, creates solid backlinks and there are always chances to get some quality traffic too.
get backlinks

Get Backlinks

#6. Guest posting is Organic Technique to Get Backlinks

  1. This is a very popular way of sharing thoughts between bloggers in the virtual world that is connected using the internet.
  2. Guest posting is one of the means for increasing your back links, but this is not the only sole purpose of guest posting.
  3. Links that you get from a good site by guest blogging are highly useful, try to get links inside the post or at least below the post.

#7. Buying links is Popular way to Get Backlinks

  1. Did you know that you can buy links?
  2. This should be the healthier and smarter options as you can select some high value links and buy.
  3. But make sure it is not visible to others as Google is against buying links.
  4. There are many sites selling links and also you can contact a site directly for link sales.

Wait for the next post which will discuss further more about link building. Hope this post help you in understanding best ways to Get Backlinks for your Website/Blog.

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19 Comments to 7 Best Ways to Get Backlinks To Your Blog/Website – Part 1

  1. Thank you praveen, this is very helpful to me, now I know now the ways of getting backlinks..There are many people searching about that now they will find enough sources by your tips..thumbs up!..

  2. nice post . theire are also some good softwares for creating backlinks like : senuke and sick submitter that get you lots of backlinks on auto pilot .

    try it . it works .

    cheers !


  3. well its knpown that google doesnt like webmasters buying links but no idea how they figure out so i gues its safe….exchanging linsk is a nice option but other webmasters having higher pr dont reply 😛

  4. So, to summarize, DoFollow sites are sites that do not use the nofollow tag. Links from DoFollow sites do get noticed by search engines, thus boosting their value. Learn more about DoFollow link building.

  5. Backlinks always helps to increase any site visibility in search engine . Is does not matter that which is the best way to get links . Juts always this about getting links from more site . Implement all SEO way to get links

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