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Geeky Android Styled MP3 Player with FM and TF slots from G20

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In this article, we are going to deal with Geeky MP3 player which comes with Android Robot as its exterior design and its a product of G20. We’ve recently got this MP3 player and I’m here to share my experience with you about that Android Styled MP3 Player with FM and TF slots.

This is the First view of our Android Styled MP3 Player which is really a geeky piece that every Tech Freak would like to have with them.

G20 Google Android Style Speaker MP3 Player

You must be excited about the design of this MP3 player. Want to Buy this Android Styled MP3 player by G20 worth $18.25? <Buy Now>

The body of this Gadget looks strong and well build with rich plastic and will be balanced on a steel stand which gives much professional view. It is available in Green and Brown colors. While playing music, it flashes the LED lights which gives even better appearance in darkness.

Right, Let us jump into its Features and performance.

Regarding the Features, its an MP3 player and also loaded with FM player and also can plays music using TF card.

The MP3 sound quality was tremendous. The sound system can be controlled by spinning the head of the Android towards right and left. If you spin to the left, it decreases the frequency, and if you spin to the right, it increases the frequency.

It is loaded with 5 Control Options.

  1. On-Off Button (on Back)
  2. USB Pin (5 support pin)
  3. TF card slot
  4. Head Twist (to switch to option or hold the twisted head to increase or decrease volume)
  5. Head Press (to pause and play back)

How to Handle it :

  1. Its pretty easy and effective. You need to spin the head of the Android in order to switch to next or previous options.
  2. It automatically recognizes the formats and plays the music accordingly. Like, if you connected a USB to it plays the MP3 format songs from the system or HDD or if you connect the TF card then it plays the music via TF card and if you leave it as default, then it just tunes itself to play FM.
  3. You need to press down its head to pause the music.
  4. Pretty simple to operate isn’t it?

Features of G20 Google Android Style Speaker MP3 Player with FM TF Card Slot

  • TF card, MP3 Player and FM-Radio with LED flashing lights.
  • Built-in 650mAh rechargeable battery.
  • You can connect this to your Mobile as well as your PC.
  • Audio Amplifier with great frequence speaker (satisfactory sound quality)
  • And many more.
We’ve got this product from Focal Price and we really enjoyed reviewing it. You can buy it at Focal Price for just $15.63

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  1. Haha, I agree this is very “geeky”, but as geeky as it may be, it is also probably one of the coolest little gadgets I have seen. I have a nack for unique and different items like this, so I absolutely love it!

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