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7 Similar Games like Angry Birds [Concepts]

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In this article, we are going to check out some of the similar games like Angry birds and it’s concept. Angry birds, is one game that anyone who has played, will get addicted to it. Bombarding pigs with wingless birds of varying colors is everyone’s favorite pastime these days. The concept of the game is simple, but a lot of thought has gone into making it and that is one of the main reasons why the game is such a huge blockbuster.

It’s simple and involves basic skills of aiming and bombarding the target after crossing certain obstacles, but it is really very engaging at the same time. If you have played all the levels of Angry Birds then here is a list of seven games similar to Angry Birds that you must try out. I’ve played each and every game, and some of their concepts are highly related to angry birds and few other games are slightly related in terms of graphics or other aspects.

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Similar Games like angry birds

Similar Games like Angry Birds

#1. Stupid Zombies

  • stupid zombies
    Stupid Zombies is also an aim and shoot game that is pretty basic, but will get you hooked to it.
  • There are zombies that have invaded the Earth and are threatening to wipe out the human race and you are the last hope of all the humans.
  • You need to take out you gun and shoot them down. It is one of the games similar to Angry Birds and angry birds game lovers will surely enjoy this game for sure.

#2. Aiko Island

  • Aiko Island
    This one is sure to keep your brain cells at work.
  • You need to pop blocks, but use your brain while doing so, or you’ll simply wreck the whole island, a good game with lots of great colours and animation.
  • Popping the blocks in the correct manner will give you the power to obliterate the evil Aiko and save the life present on the island. This is one of the games like Angry Birds and it reminds me Angry birds whenever I play it.

#3. Sky Burger

  • Sky Burger
    Sky Burger is a great game that teaches you to make burgers with ingredients that are falling in the sky.
  • The type of burger will be mentioned at the start of the game and you need to make it in the exact same way.
  • The burger gets taller with each order that has been completed. It’s pretty funny game and I believe, it is one of the games similar to Angry Birds.

#4. Fruit Ninja

  • Fruit Ninja
    Become a ninja and slash all the fruits that are present in the game and get points for the same.
  • If you slash the wrong fruits, then you end up losing points and may also be barred from the next level.
  • Enjoy the fruit splat, but be careful not to nip your finger. It is yet another similar games like Angry Birds.

#5. Cube Runner

  • Cube Runner
    There are cubes in the air and they are a threat to your airship, they will burn you down if you touch then.
  • So you need to be very careful when you are sailing across the sky, so that you do not collide into any of them.
  • There’s an accelero-meter that is present, to help you swerve and save yourself from that killer cube in your path. It is one of the best games similar to angry birds.

#6. Birds’n’Blocks

  • Birds’n’Blocks
    This even has a name that reminds you of Angry Birds.
  • The birds in this game are not angry though, they’re tiny creatures with small wings and need to be saved from the blocks without touching the grounds.
  • The ones who have started imagining birds as weapons of mass destruction will now see them as the only innocent beings on this Earth. It is one of the similar games like angry birds, in design and concept perspective.

#7. Cut the Ropes

  • Cut the Ropes
    Save a cute little monster, who has got trapped in some kind of room.
  • You need to feed him candy because he’s famished.
  • You need to cut the ropes that are restricting the candy from reaching the monster. This is my yet another choice of games similar to Angry Birds.

This is the list of seven games similar to Angry birds that you must play and you are sure to enjoy them and will be biting your nails to reach the next level of the game. Go on, play them and get transported to the world, where you are the hero who saves the day and I hope you’ve enjoyed our list of similar games like Angry Birds.

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  1. I was hook before with plants vs zombie but never with angry bird but my partner was interested with it and installed the application in our Android mobile phone. I like fruit ninja compared with angry bird.

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