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Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9 vs. iPhone 6

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With the Mobile World Congress in progress, all major cell phone makers except Apple and Sony have something to show off. Samsung released two top gadgets – Galaxy S6 along with Galaxy S6 Edge.

The correlation between Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6 is still common. We additionally added HTC One M9 to the blend as it likewise offers the best from HTC. Here’s a quick comparison of Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, and Apple iPhone 6.

1) Display/ Size: As far as display is concerned, Samsung Galaxy S6 obviously appears to have an edge. Having a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution on a 5.1-inch display, it provides a stunning pixel density of 576ppi.

The iPhone 6 at 327ppi and HTC One M9 at 440ppi look a little less in contrast. However, to be reasonable, after 300ppi, the human eye can’t generally recognize singular pixels. Without doubt, the Super AMOLED presentation will guarantee high differentiation and sharp display. iPhone 6’s display isn’t terrible either. Each of the three smartphones accompanies the best glass safety feature out there, though the iPhone 6 figures out how to keep up with the finest.

2) OS: Each of the three gadgets comes with the most recent working OS keeping in mind that Samsung Galaxy S6 will incorporate its TouchWiz UI. HTC has included alternatives to modify the look of your smartphone with the Themes functionality in the Sense UI 7.0.

galaxy s6 vs. htc one m9 vs. iphone 6

As far as clarity is concerned, Apple iOS 8 may at present have an edge, though to tell about the user encounter strictly, the Samsung and HTC products have to be tested. Regarding handling power, Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 look great with their most recent octa-center processors and the iPhone 6 looks diminutive with its dual core processor. Anyway simply taking that measuring stick and calling the iPhone 6 a poor entertainer would be silly.

In our survey, the Apple iPhone 6 was responsive in spite of not having the higher numbers for processor cores or RAM. The genuine test will be to perceive how control effective the octa-core smartphones will turn out when contrasted with iPhone 6, which has abundant battery life. As for Galaxy S6, Samsung will surprisingly offer a lead gadget without a removable back or microSD card space. This may not be to everybody’s loving. Yet because of the TouchWiz UI, one can expect more user accessible space with the different SKUs of Samsung Galaxy S6.

HTC One M9 has kept the stockpiling card alternative open. In terms of handling speed as well, it is at par with Galaxy S6, yet we will need to run benchmarks to perceive how HTC One M9 handles different assignments and amusements.

3) Camera Quality: Camera is one aspect, which has expanded in significance through the years. Based on a survey of the Apple iPhone 6’s cam, it is convincing and completely inspiring with the yield and the different innovative things we could do with it. For example, SloMo video capture and hyperlapse features are very impressive. Samsung Note 4 and Galaxy S5 had higher MP tally cams, yet they weren’t as amazing as the iPhone 6.

So simply passing by the megapixel number here, it does not provide justice to both of the smartphones. Even though 4K recording functionality and also optical picture adjustment will unquestionably give the Samsung Galaxy S6 an edge over the other two smartphones.

These are some of the distinctive features that differentiate the three smartphones today. Apart from these, there still are many factors and criterion, which potentially decide the fate of these phones. These smartphones are more than just devices and have turned out to be an everyday need for mankind. Despite the hefty costs of each of the mentioned phones, users still tend not to hesitate over owning it.

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