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In Journey with GadgetCage – Today is our 3rd Anniversary

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For all the Fellow Readers, Friends and Fans of GadgetCage, Its the day that I was waiting for and its the same day that is “Welcoming us warmly into our 4th year of Blogging”. In these 3 years I learnt a lot of new things from Fellow Bloggers and friends. Im having more Goals to reach, before revealing them, “we are having some happy and tough moments, Im going to share Openly about my experience with you in this article”. On this Occasion I would Like to release the Theme of GadgetCage “We Provide Technical Stuff in the way that to reach both Technical and Non-Technical People“.

GadgetCage 3rd Anniversary

In Journey with GadgetCage

Year 1 August 26th 2007

  1. I have started a Blog with name “gadgetcage.blogspot.com” without knowing anything, no idea “What to start and Where to go”, but I had the idea to just write about Mobiles, Auto-Mobiles, Technology news which are my favorite streams those days.
  2. To be frank, I was nothing when I started and just used to copy and pasting the information from other websites, like most of the newbies does. I would like to apologize other for creating inconvenience.
  3. Later My brother Sundeep joined me, but he’s far experienced that me. Before I started GadgetCage, Sundeep already is maintaining a blog named “Tech Cheetah” which is completely a tech oriented blog. But his presence Boosted me. Later Sundeep Closed his blog and became the official Co-Head of GadgetCage.
  4. As days passed, I got addicted to blogging. But few measures like College works,  made me to quit it temporarily but my love (its some super natural power) made me to start up myself again with Blogging.
  5. But one thing, I never started a new blog. Just carried on with GadgetCage though it still consisting of my older duplicate data.
  6. My journey with GadgetCage on Year one passed on with 3 categories Gadgets, Auto-Mobiles, Technology news.

Conclusion : In my entire first year experience of Blogging, I learnt simply nothing. I was in state like a “Frog in Well”.

GadgetCage 1st Anniversary

Year 2 August 26th 2008

  1. Im into second year of blogging, but still no idea where to go and at this stage with out performing any kind of SEO activities, or Social Media support, or I don’t know even a single Co-Blogger to share my articles and thoughts with, but at that stage I remembered for the first time on December 2008 our visitor statistics reached 100+ visits. It was a memorable achievement for us.
  2. That time, it made me to take Blogging seriously. I have started writing Genuine articles. After a while we applied for Adsense for the first time and we got approved.
  3. Till December 2008 I just blogged as a time passing and hobby oriented blogging. But then I started grasping there is something in blogging.
  4. I came to know about Blogging only because of Facebook, which changed my direction to act as a dedicated Blogger. Thanks to Facebook.
  5. We (Me and Sundeep) started working on our Design and Providing quality information for our readers in a professional way. During that time every thing is really new and exciting for us, like Alexa rank, checking my Adsense earnings every 5-6 hours, visitor statistics from Statcounter etc.
  6. My journey with GadgetCage on Year 2 passed on with same categories plus started publishing on How-To’s, Tips and Tricks, Software Download and Gaming(unofficial) later I have removed all the Gaming articles I have published.

Conclusion : In my 2d year journey, I came to know about the power of Blogging because of Facebook and considered my self to create a clear impact. With that fire we have provided a great deal of quality articles. But still result is not so satisfactory due to lack of SEO and Social Media support.

GadgetCage Anniversary year -2

Year 3 August 26th 2009

  1. Writing an article and checking the statistics is such a great experience in initial stages of Blogging. I have enjoyed every moment of it.
  2. Later I sent a request to a guy who encouraged me to switch to WordPress. Its Chethan from Chaaps. I used to have long chat with Chethan every day, who helped me in guiding the correct path of Blogging. I would love to “Thank my best Pal Chethan on this Occassion”.
  3. During this time I improved my skills drastically. I worked hard to build my own network and moulded my-self to create new strategies for marketing etc. I have registered in Many Social Networking sites which I came to know only because of Facebook.
  4. In my third year I came to know about word SEO for the first time, though Im quite confident of myself about my current SEO skills now but still I know there are lots of things to be covered yet.
  5. Finally in March 2010, I have migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress with rtCamp Organization. I would love to thank the Entire Team of rtCamp for helping us. I would also Like to Thank Harsh Agrawal and Chethan for helping us while undergoing the entire procedure.
  6. Its been around 4 months since we migrated to WordPress and Im sure that we have made our clear impact. We have invited Guest and Co-Authors and offered attractive prizes for them and also involved in promoting and launching other products etc.
  7. My journey with GadgetCage on Year 3 passed on with same categories that I have concentrated on plus started publishing on WordPress, SEO, Social Media, Blogging Tips, Internet and many other Non-technical Streams as well in order to get Closer to Non-Techie people also.

Conclusion : I have learnt a lot of new things in this Stage. Even few Bloggers Call me a Pro, But I still dont know am I eligible for that. I believe in learning a new things every days. There is no end for learning things in this world. And Our Journey is Still going onn.

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I got great friends like Chethan, Arun, Satish, Pubudu, Rahul, Siddarth, Shaquille, Shiva, Pradhan, Vinay and I would love to thank Amit BhawaniHarsh Agarwal and Aditya Kane for their encouragement.

GadgetCage 3rd anniversary

Year 4 August 26th 2010

  1. We have provided the Quality information over the past few years and we are now entering into Few new fields like Product Reviews, Affiliate Marketing etc.
  2. Strengthening our Social Media Impact, and more SEO Operations to be followed for best results. Lets hope for the best to come.

On this Occassion I would like to thank each and every person who played their part in Success of GadgetCage.

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Share about your views on GadgetCage and what else you are expecting from us. Express with your valuable comments.
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Siddartha is a Blogger from India. He is currently working as a Java Front End developer and he loves writing about tutorials, technology, algorithm, etc. You can follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+. You can subscribe to GadgetCage RSS Feed or Email Notifications.

39 Comments to In Journey with GadgetCage – Today is our 3rd Anniversary

  1. Your 2nd year experience is my first year experience…checking Alexa and Adnsense every 3-4 hours daily..lolzz 😛

    I agree with you, Facebook has change my blogging carrier tooo….

    Its good to read a BIO of a senior blogger like U, learned some things from you experience. Ur recent article is very professional than your old articles that clearly shows that you are moving in a right path[pro-blogger]…keep blogging 😀

    BTW congrats for your achievements and ur future plans…..

    — Sudharsan @ Technoskillonline

    • @Christopher thnx a lot for your comment and wishes, Welcome to GadgetCage. Stay tuned for more action 🙂

  2. Hi Congrats for entering in to 4th Year! Facebook is really good for blogging i too accept that, i changed to WordPress because for Facebook friends! 🙂

    • @Karthikeyan Yea bro, Facebook is proved to be the best place for Blogging, AS I mentioned I acted as a frog in well before joining in the FB, but Facebook turned every thing.
      Thnx a lot for your Comment and wishes bro.

    • @Arun Everything is possible because of the support from a friend like you bro. THnx for your comment, appreciation and wishes.

    • @Mani @Sathish @P.K.Arun @Shaquille @Applemacness @Mahesh thanks a lot for your kind words Guys. I would love to thank each and every on who has played the part in Success. Stay tuned for more action

  3. First of all, Many Many Happy Returns of the day GadgetCage (GC) and congrats SID for achieving one more milestone 🙂

    Myself and Sid just met few months when I started Blogging for after 2months. Like Sid, even I shifted from whydollars.info to http://tech18.com when my friend Sunil Jain put an offer infront of me to be a co-owner of Tech18 🙂

    After that me and Sid was in contact now then in promoting each others articles 🙂

    Best part about Blogging is unknown people from unknown places becomes Buddy’s in very short time 🙂

    Wishing GC grow up more and more and make our great country India a popular Blogging place 🙂

    Cheers Sid 🙂

    • @Vinay Thnx a lot for your comment and wishes bro :D, Pleased with your words and yea I accept that Blogging makes the world a Global village 😀

  4. congrats, for entering into 4th year dude..i wish u, to reach all our achievements and future goals within a short span….
    keep on working…………..:)

  5. Congratulations my dear friend! Wow… you have done a lot of work for 3 whole years! But I think you have spent the best part of your blogging life in the past few months.. I saw how you were able to get a lot of attention to your blog… You worked hard for GadgetCage and you never ditched your friends in your journey and i know that! You have helped us a lot.. So… you really deserves a big reward! CONGRATS my friend! Wish you all the best in the coming challenges! 😀

  6. Awesome Bro.. You really rock..
    Great stats..
    Wish you reach much greater heights in terms of Visits and $ 🙂
    in next 3 yrs

    thanks for mentioning me among great people 😉

    • @Siddharth next 3 years!! I can’t wait till that tym, Wish me to achieve them early with in next 3 days or weeks or months

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