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GadgetCage – Monthly Report #June 2010

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We recently revealed our Monthly Round-up: May 15th to Jun 15th. And we are Glad to share our Monthly Performance report card with all our visitors.

Presently we are having 5 Co-Authors and above 10 Guest Writers, who are utilizing GadgetCage as the best platform for driving quality traffic to their prescribed Blogs/Websites. With our Combined team efforts, this month has really made a great impact and it is that month that we are going to remember, which laid foundation steps for building great and quality traffic.

In our Last Month’s Report, I Mentioned a point that, we are about to enter into Top 100k Alexa ranking, with in the span of 30 days, we crossed that mark of Top 100k and we are now about to enter into Top 70k Alexa.

Monthly Report

We will let you know about our present status with our Monthly Report:
  1. Top Writer of The Month Award
  2. Top 2 Commentators Award
  3. Top 5 Articles for the Month
  4. Number of Articles published this month
  5. Alexa Rank
  6. Achievements
  7. Traffic Report

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Top Writer of The Month Award

Unfortunately non of our writers in this month were qualified as “Top Writer of The Month”. Since in order to qualify for this award, the Writer must make sure that he/she must submit minimum of 6 articles. From Next month onwards we are going to award 20$ for the Writer who wins this award.

Top Commentator of the Month

This month we received 724 comments.  Top 2 Commentators of the Month Award goes to “Venu Madhav” and “Sundeep Reddy“. We are displaying 125*125 ad of blog/website for Top 2 Commentators of the month.

  1. Venu Madhav from Technoheap
  2. Sundeep Reddy from Hacks-Stop

Venu Madhav and Sundeep please send us your banners at: sandeep@gadgetcage.com

You can check more about our Ad Slot Give Away for Top Commentators

Here is Our Top 5 Articles for the Month of June 2010

  1. 7 Must Follow SEO Tips that I learnt by Experience
  2. Cool Firefox Add-ons that makes your Work Easy
  3. 5+ Alternatives for Apple iPhone 4
  4. Fifa 2010 Schedules and Top Teams
  5. Jolicloud: The nextgen OS for netbooks

Articles Published in this month

This month we have published 49 articles. Number of articles published by each author:

  1. Siddartha Thota – 17 articles
  2. Sai Sandeep Thota – 4 articles
  3. Amit Bhawani – 2 articles
  4. Sainath – 5 articles
  5. Sundeep Reddy – 4 articles
  6. Venu madav – 3 articles
  7. Hemanth Kumar – 2 articles
  8. Jagadish – 2 articles
  9. Siva Ram – 2 articles
  10. Chetan – 1 article
  11. Ankit – 1 article
  12. Prasanth – 1 article
  13. RockIshtaar – 1 article
  14. Nicholas – 1 article
  15. Sashank – 1 article
  16. Azad – 1 article
  17. Danial – 1 article

Ranking Details

Alexa Rank:

  1. Previous Month’s Rank – 1,02,104
  2. Present Rank – 69,748

Compete Rank (Traffic from US):

  1. Previous Month’s Rank – 3,55,137
  2. Present Rank – 3,45,369

Technorati Rank:

  1. Previous Month – 23,922
  2. Present Month – 21,546

IndiBlogger Rank :

  1. Previous Month’s Rank – 82
  2. Present Rank – 82

Achievements :

  1. This is another Golden month for us. We are on Cloud 9 because Amit Bhawani wrote 2 Guest articles for us and also My Friend Chetan wrote his first article at GadgetCage
  2. We have made our blog the Open community for guest or co-authors who can register directly for which we got 7 new registrations. So we are looking forward for their contribution as well.
  3. And we are almost into the Top 50k Alexa rank. So wish us all the luck to stay in top 50k sites, by next month.

Traffic Report :

  • Page view/month – 34,897
  • Unique Visitors/month – 23,341
  • Busiest Day – 2021 (June 16th)
  • Bounce Rate – 31%

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Siddartha is a Blogger from India. He is currently working as a Java Front End developer and he loves writing about tutorials, technology, algorithm, etc. You can follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+. You can subscribe to GadgetCage RSS Feed or Email Notifications.

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      @Sudharsan Dude I have also mentioned my Traffic report at the end. Just recheck it out 🙂

    • Siddartha

      @Sudharsan hahaha 🙂 Nope dude, this is the only report card I will maintain, Till I earn like SML Admin 😛

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