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7 Free Dreamweaver Alternative Softwares for Mac

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free dreamweaver alternative softwares
If you are searching for Dreamweaver Alternative Softwares for your Mac PC, then this post will help you to find out some best re-placers. All the web developers out there will definitely be knowing about Dreamweaver, which is one of the best choice of the web developers irrespective of their working platform being Windows or Mac.

Have you ever thought about the other alternatives of Dreamweaver Softwares of it?

Without looking for the reasons of why we should use an other toll another than Dreamweaver, I would like to tell you about some of the free Dreamweaver alternative Softwares which can be used instead of it. Lets see, some of the best Alternatives to Dreamweaver for your Mac PC.

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7 Free Alternatives To Dreamweaver for Mac

#1. Amaya

If you are looking for a web tool for web developing, then you have got an option. There are various reasons why one should use it. To list few of them, it gives you the facility to work on several documents at the same time. The special attractions of it are theming, quick tags and the stunning CSS  designer. Apart from being a development tool it also allows you to browse through the Internet and allows you to switch between these options in just a click which makes it one of the main reason to consider it as Dreamweaver Alternative.

#2. Kompozer

As you understand by interpreting the name into simple english, yes it says composer. If you do not have any idea about what HTML is and you are looking to develop a web page then this is your stop.

This tool allows you to build a professional website without the HTML knowledge. The only thing which lacks according to me is that it does have the facility of including the files. It has various other options such as FTP which is quite similar to DW. It also allows you to to do HTML tags which is quite similar to that of a web developer tool for Firefox makes it yet another best Alternative softwares of Dreamweaver for Mac.

#3. NVU

Wondering what the name stands for, do not worry about the name and the just try this. It is a free tool and have been reviewed as one of the fastest and the easiest tool to build a website. I found it to be very simple especially with the step by step procedure that it has to create a website. The user interface of the NUV makes it so simple to use. Try it and you will definitely like it and you’ll accept it as best Alternative for Dreamweaver without any hesitation.

#4. Matizha Sublime

Now its time to know about some professional tool for creating website. Matizha Sublime 3 is the best in the class, it has many advanced features to name few are the fully fledged HTML editor. In terms of advanced features and best user interface makes it other Dreamweaver Alternative software for Mac. The user interface and the latest technology usage make it one of its kind tool.

#5. Screem

The name of this app can be a little bit different. While this app supports only the POSIX platforms. It has things like site support, FTP access and built in HTML structures. The best feature of this app is the find and replace which supports RegEx’s, people who know it can understand it better. Thanks to the developers who have done some brilliant piece of work. I don’t hesitate to list it as one of the best Alternative to Dreamweaver software for Mac that can satisfy most of your designing requirements.

#6. Quata Plus

Quanta plus is giving a tough competition to the other’s which are already there in the market from quite some time. Slowly, this is gaining popularity among the users. Its features includes multi document interface, editing and creating templates which helped it to make into our list of best free Dreamweaver Alternative Softwares. The best part of it is that it is part of KDE, a Linux based platform so the windows cant even try to come near it.

#7. Bluefish Editor

Bluefish editor is the best text editors present in the market for Linux. It may not be extensively developed for web developments unlike the others which we have talked about so far. The one and only thing which makes it stand apart from the rest is its ability for the syntax support of various programing languages like C, Java, JSP, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL, XHTML, XML etc.

Thus, these are 7 best Dreamweaver alternative Softwares for your Mac PC and comment about your view, if you think that we’ve missed something.

Guest author Dwarka Rao is editor at PcsPlace – A Tech Blog and Review Unit.

Siddartha is a Blogger from India. He is currently working as a Java Front End developer and he loves writing about tutorials, technology, algorithm, etc. You can follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+. You can subscribe to GadgetCage RSS Feed or Email Notifications.

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