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5 Free Satisfactory Adobe PDF Alternative Readers

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Adobe PDF Alternative Reader
In this article, we are going to deal with 5 Free Satisfactory Alternatives of Adobe PDF Alternative Readers. Adobe PDF Reader is said to be fastest, secure and it allows the users to open, view, print and read the Files. These days life without Adobe PDF reader is really impossible to imagine. Over past few years Adobe PDF readers are playing crucial role in date sharing files via online or physical devices by making sure that the date doesn’t lose its format and effects. You may ask me what was the reason for me to search and list out 5 productive Alternatives to PDF Reader from Adobe.

Most of the e-books available online are published in this Adobe PDF reader format that which can give same experience of the physical copy. But there are certain aspects that bother like Loading time, Searching for a Paragraph, etc., for which few people who would choose other PDF readers instead of using Adobe PDF readers and this article is only for them who are searching for Adobe PDF Alternative readers.

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5 Free PDF Readers that are Similar to Adobe Reader

  1. CutePDF
  2. Foxit Reader
  3. Drumlin Reader
  4. Nitro PDF Reader
  5. PDF-XChange Viewer
  6. Bonus – Google Docs and Google Chrome PDF Viewer

5 Productive and Free Adobe PDF Alternative

#1. CutePDF

  • CutePDF Reader is one of the best free PDF Reader readers that are available in the market and is considered as one of the considerable alternatives to Adobe PDF Reader and it has an open SDK and this allows you to create a PDF file from all sorts of printable documents.
  • Like other Free PDF readers, CutePDF doesn’t mess-up their reader with Watermarks or pop-ups. <Official Site>

CutePDF - Alternative to PDF Reader

#2. Foxit Reader

  • Foxit Reader is one of my Favorite PDF Reader which works really quick regardless whether the file is smaller or larger.
  • Being such a flexible readers, it is capable of handling large files, images and even the high complicated graphical documents as well. It is suggested to enable Safe Reading Mode while installing in order to stay away from Malware.
  • The only problem that you’ll notice about this product is the promotional commercial ads in it which redirects you to product page if you click.<Official Site>

Foxit-Reader- Best Adobe PDF Alternative Reader

#3. Drumlin Reader

  • Drumlin is the Lightest PDF Reader that is available currently. If you are a busy reader or having habit of reading while traveling, then this is one such a reader that is capable of considering as Adobe PDF Alternative Reader.
  • The Size of the files that are shared with Drumlin Reader occupies just 25% of the normal PDF sites which explains the portability of this Drumlin Reader. <Official Site>

Drumlin-PDF - Alternative to Adobe PDF reader

#4. Nitro PDF Reader

  • Its one of the best PDF readers and it have the potential competitor of Adobe PDF as it carries some of the reliable features that you expect from a free PDF Readers that are available in the market.
  • It is capable of performing exciting tasks like Rotating Document, Adding the Notes, HighLight the elements as well as it also allows users to extract text and images from Documents. <Official Site>

Nitro PDF - Adobe PDF Alternative Reader

#5. PDF-XChange Viewer

  • PDF-XChange Viewer is almost similar like Foxit reader and it’s much fastest than any other PDF readers available which helped it to take place in list of Best Adobe PDF Alternative Readers.
  • Though its not as small as Drumlin Reader, but still it loaded really faster. It is loaded with exciting features like Tabbed and Thumbnail view of PDFs, Adding Comments, text and image extraction. It is available in both free as well as in Pro versions. <Official Site>

#6. Bonus – Google Docs and Google Chrome

  • The Most Famous Online and Desktop PDF readers Google Docs and Google Chrome are some of the best Alternatives to PDF Reader from Adobe that you can try out.

Thus these are the 5+1 best Adobe PDF Alternative readers that which are capable of replacing the Adobe PDF reader to some extent, but still Adobe PDF Reader is the best and most used PDF reader in the world.

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  1. Now this is great because I was going to look for more alternative here soon but you just saved me lots of hours of running around bro.

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  2. Right now I’m using Microsoft Publisher to create a calendar (I’m pasting JPEGs into new sheets for each month), and then from the publisher file I convert it to a PDF. But it’s hard to print from PDF so I was wondering if Adobe has any products or is there any way I can create a new document in PDF and from there save it as a PDF document? What actually is PDF?

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