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Four ways to make your laptop quicker

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There will come a point when your shiny brand new laptop you have had for a few years starts to run at a slower pace due in part to old files and programs it is using. When you first purchase your laptop, you are excited by all of its features it has, what it can do and by the speed at which it runs and your productivity increases because of it.

It is easy to start getting frustrated as the laptop slows down and crashes. However, this is the time to act and bring back some of the speed that has been lost. By constantly maintaining your laptop, it can run for years until you decide to upgrade to a newer model or it has become faulty. By following these four simple tips, you can get your laptop running faster than it was before.


Defragment your hard drive

When we save the data on the laptop, it can be positioned anywhere within the hard drive storage system and this result in a lot of processing time causing the slowdown in its speed. Regular defragmentation of the hard drive will ensure the data is streamlined and that the processing time will quicken up at the same time.

This can be done within the Windows OS, just simply click on the start button and then type in the search box ‘Disk Defragmenter’ and then click on the Disk Defragmenter. A new window will appear and under the current status – select the hard drive you wish defragment. To see if the hard drive does not need defragmenting, click on ‘Analyse Disk’. Once the analysis has been completed, you can check the amount of fragmentation on the hard disk within the last run column. If it is above the 10%, then you need to defrag the disk. Then, click on the ‘Defragment Disk’ and the process will begin.

Add Memory

A quick way to increase the speed of the laptop is just by adding more memory (known as RAM). It is important to check that the memory can be upgraded within the device beforehand, as it might only be able to take a certain capacity (i.e. 8GB) and therefore cannot handle a higher amount of memory. Memory can be taken out the device and replaced within 10 minutes. When choosing the memory, you can see if the existing memory is available in a higher capacity. You could visit your local retailer and ask one of the technical people for advice on the best memory for the laptop. Buying laptops from trusted sources in one of the major issues that every users comes across. It’s not easy to pick among the trusted and fraud companies. Save on Laptops is one of the trusted sources that you can try and save $$$ on your Laptops.

speed up your laptop performance

Erase Unwanted Files

The registry on any computer is necessary for its operation and over a period of time, errors and corruption will build within it. To maintain the registry and clear it of any errors or corruption, running a registry cleaner.

There are many registry cleaners available but a popular cleaner used is CCleaner. This program can do far more than just clean out your old files so it important to read about all the features it can do.

Remove Temporary Internet Files

When browsing websites, a temporary file is created of that web page you have visited and is stored. These files will sit for a long time on the laptop and therefore it is important to regularly remove these files in order to make your web browsing experience more quicker.

We hope these tips will help you in quest to make your laptop quicker. There are many other ways to improve the speed of a laptop with some working better than others.

Guest Post by Andrew Wall works for Save on Laptops in the UK.

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