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Four Tips and Tricks Every Blackberry Passport User Should Know

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A Phablet is a mobile device that is a hybrid between a phone and a tablet. They typical screen length diagonally ranges from 5.3-6.9 inches. Phablets were designed to give users the feel of a smartphone and a fully functional large screen tablet. BlackBerry Passport is one such phablet as mentioned earlier. Created by Blackberry Limited, this device runs on the company’s latest BlackBerry 10 OS. It is specifically designed for enterprise users with a sleek and rectangular display with a physical keypad that incorporates touch gestures.

BlackBerry Passport is a mobile device which is very much in demand since its release on 2014 as it has many features that prove useful in many ways. It includes lots of productivity tips and easy hacks that make it a very useful device in the enterprise world.

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Here are four tips and tricks that every BlackBerry Passport user should know.

1.) Keyboard: Deleting words faster can be done by long pressing the backspace key but to delete an entire word instantly a swipe gesture from right to left across the screen is required.

2.) Hub: In order to save on data sent/transferred and to control data usage, images sent can be compressed and made to resize. This is done by tapping the vertical 3 dots in the corner to the bottom right of the hub which prompts a settings menu. Choose display and then options and scroll down until you see image resize option.

3.) Browser: For convenient reading, select reader that launches a mode that enables users to read easily by adjusting fonts, texts, image sizes and colours etc. While reading in this mode the menu bar in the bottom disappears while scrolling down and reappears on going back up. The three vertical dots on the bottom right of the hub provide more options on reader mode.

4.) Camera: BlackBerry Blend allows users to sync the mobile device with the computer for faster data transfer. If you’ve made any changes to the default camera settings then an icon appears on the upper left corner notifying the changes. Tapping the icon restores the default settings.

There are many general tips and tricks involved with BlackBerry Passport as well. This device is the first that is shipped with android app store of Amazon installed. Since the android apps weren’t designed for a square screen it can be made to fit by zooming in.

Sending the phablet to silent mode is simply done by reducing the volume all the way to nil and then re-pressing it once again. BlackBerry Passport includes high end utility features such as Quick Focus, Time Shiftings, Better Filters, Automatic HDR and much more. Similar to Siri of iOS and Cortana of Windows, the BlackBerry assistant is a useful tool in quick helps such as scheduling, and calendar and search etc which makes navigating across the device easy.

There are a ton load of features inside this device. It is a complete product for the white collar, a whole enterprise in a device.

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