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Four of the best accessories to get for the PlayStation 4 right now

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You have bought the PlayStation 4 and are playing all the latest games with it but to truly get the full experience of the console and the games, you need accessories to enhance what you already have. There are many accessories that are worth getting from headsets, racing wheels to extra controllers and in this post will highlight four of the best accessories to get for the PlayStation 4 right now.

playstation 4 accessories

1. Tritton Kama Stereo Headset

Tritton are specialists in producing high quality gaming headsets that give you a more immersive gaming experience. The Kama Stereo Headset has been specifically designed for the PS4 console and gamers in mind as it aims to bring a comfortable audio sound along with an easy chat experience. These headsets can be directly connected the DualShock controller or a device that has a 3.5 mm jack in it.

The headset has been designed with comfort in mind for those who like to play long gaming sessions. The earcups are padded and has a flexible headrail that can accommodate vary head sizes as it can extend by a further 1.25 inches. When you want to take a rest from the game, the padded earcups will swivel to give a relaxing around-the-neck position.

The flexibility does not stop there with the Kama headset as it has flexible microphone as gamers can manoeuvre it into a position that can perfectly pick up their voice.

Whether you are playing Battlefield or FIFA, the Tritton Kama headset lets you interact with other gamers and with the PS4’s Party Function, you chat with up to seven people at once.

The in-line audio controller on this headset has volume control buttons for making quicker changes to the sound. When you want to have privacy and not let other gamers hear what you are saying, you can easily mute the microphone by sliding a switch.

The Tritton Kama headset can travel anywhere with you whether you are using at home or on-the-go, listening to music, watching videos or playing games. The great feature about this headset is that it is also compatible with phones, tablets and MP3 players. It is currently priced at £18.99.

2. Thrustmaster T80 DriveClub™ Edition Racing Wheel

The Thrustmaster T80 is the first officially licensed DriveClub™ racing wheel for the PlayStation 4 and is 100% compatibility in games and in menus that have the official “PS” , “Share” and “Options” buttons. It is also fully compatible with the PlayStation 3 console.

The racing wheel is coated with a rubber texture for easy grip and control. It comes with two large-sized pedals and each pedal is fully adjustable. The brake pedal features progressive resistance.

It has fully programmable functions including two sequential levers, 11 action buttons and D-Pad. The wheel sensitivity can be adjusted so that you get precise driving.

The T80 racing wheel features a central clamping system with wide jaws and can be fitted onto all types of desks and tables. It is currently priced at £59.99.

3. Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

An extra DualShock 4 controller will come in handy if you are playing games with your friends and family. The controller features all the same controls in previous generation controller but now has new ways for you to interact with games and other gamers. It features improved analog sticks and trigger buttons giving you much more control within the game. The touchpad brings a completely new world of gameplay capabilities.

It is worth investing in an extra controller for the PlayStation 4 as you are likely to be using the console for the next several years. The controller can also act as a backup if the main controller you use becomes faulty. It is currently priced at £49.99.

4. Energizer X2 Charging System for PS4

Keep your DualShock 4 controllers charged through the Energizer Power & Play Charging System. It has been designed so that it can be stored away and charge up the controller when you are not using it. It feature an easy-to-read indicator that will glow orange when it charging and will glow blue when charging has been completed. It is currently priced at £22.99.

Andrew Wall works for Box.co.uk in the UK, who offers a wide range of accessories for the PlayStation 4.

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